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  1. Hate to be that guy but isn’t it actually Sarawak ave? Guinea ck starts at the M1 bridge :)

  2. They used to call me Cianzo Bianco, cause once you got me on the table you couldn’t get me off

  3. I wish they could implement a team between Gold Coast and Newcastle. It’s a big stretch where there are no teams, obviously there isn’t mass population but living on the goldy we only ever had United and it’s too hard to get up to brissy with a new born.

  4. Cow round is a private property and a bit out of our way. I’m pretty sure all of Tally Valley is as well.

  5. The owners of these cattle are Mick and Judy turner. Go to Turners Engineering on spencer road in Nerang. Ask Mick if you can see the cows and he would help you out. Judy is at the paddock most days and sure wouldn’t mind kids if you asked

  6. I’d like to say it was good because of Lou Diamond Philips

  7. Please don't bench any of the three

  8. Jeez. You got too many options. I'd probs go martinelli 1st sub

  9. Yeah I like to spread the money around instead of have salah/Kane/son/KDB . Martinelli been solid but Auba could go off against wolves

  10. Update: the calf whale was freed and they are monitoring it. It’s the 7th whale they’ve freed this migration.

  11. Man I fucking love Lisandro. He doesn’t give a shit. No fear.

  12. Bailey is a good price, I had Bruno g but moved him out thinking he wasn’t going to be utilised as well as last year. I had the same with cancelo and swapped him for walker and saved bank

  13. Hideaway was okay, I think the portion sizes don't match the price. I enjoyed going across the road to Mamasan way more. The ambiance and food there are top-notch. I know it's not on your list, but definitely give it a try.

  14. If anyone could drop a name for southern end that would be awesome too 👍

  15. Someone on discord said it could be a contain-mint plant because most air based plants are in that family. I think it's possible that it could be one, but it has a high chance of being enchant-mint

  16. I look away for a few minutes, and I come back to see 35-24. Fucking hell.

  17. I thought they didn't count postal votes on election night.

  18. Pre-poll yes, but postal is more a case by case basis

  19. Wavebreak island on the inside of the rock wall

  20. It won’t be easy but the real task is having to play the 5th place South American side if we do beat UAE

  21. Must be too early to predict who the 5th from South America ?

  22. Yeah they’ve still got a couple games, and it’s super close between 4 teams. Peru is in 5th but could slip and Chile, Colombia are knocking on the door. Realistically with our game plan and coaching style I find it hard that we will progress past any of them. I think it will be good to miss out on and maybe cause a reset for Australian football.

  23. I had the same. Given 50 but shows 100. Not complaining lol

  24. If I could split 6 months here and the other at a beach that’d be perfect.

  25. Got two free transfers. Would you make any changes to this?

  26. Didn't get a chance, but think I will progress to that next week to get Manquillo out and I think i'll drop Bruno too whilst united are unreliable.

  27. Does the resort still get super mad when you turn up and use the beach with a boat and pretend that they own it?

  28. I was thinking the same thing. They’re super protective of any non ‘tanga tours’ touching the sand

  29. Good day to you sir. Wishing you many more days of green

  30. feels good to inhale it and hold it in there

  31. Osko deposits vary for some people. Mine take all of about 20 seconds to appear in swyftx but I've found that even with the same bank, the bank will say its an osko payment then be processed as a "pay anyone". Its inconsistent :(

  32. I’m still waiting on my OSKOpayment to clear. Usually it’s instantaneous, however, today it’s been an hour and I feel like I’m missing the dips lol

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