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  1. I find this poll very hard to believe since they want to ban some of the most popular hunting rifles

  2. Picking up the minigun for the first time unlocks the ??? spell which can be found in

  3. No it was in a chest never seen it outside of power plant though

  4. Nope no mods. Was just trying to unlock some stuff

  5. yeah letting all of the fat run out of your protein is good and smart cooking!

  6. Nah this is a pretty good way to cook trout and salmon, not very UL. Seeing as you either need a cedar plank or an axe to make said plank

  7. Can I get the full clip and not just text underneath a screen shot? I voted against Doug ford but you have to share this shit in context

  8. I've been to winterpeg gotta say least favorite city in the country. Still pretty good for stuff to do but boy does the traffic rival Montreal

  9. People own firearms on both sides of the political spectrum. Just like how they smoke weed. The owned the libs mentality doesn't help anyone and them taking away firearms mostly from hunters and farmers doesn't solve any gang violence

  10. The fact it won't let me in and always gives me the lavender beard error

  11. I use my knife to cut my knife in half for extra wieght savings

  12. Are there legit ULers in here, lurking and downvoting CJ comments?

  13. Extra karma takes up to much weight. Downvoting only strengths my superiority

  14. If you can get it down may be worth harvesting for the honey comb if it's in good condition

  15. No lettuce no medicine, can barely get materials. What isn't an issue at the moment

  16. Rapala makes a good 2 man for fairly cheap. Lasted 5 years before I gave it to my buddy.

  17. There just cheering on there team? Also if the USA won't eh world Cup it probably would be history in the sport there kinda trash

  18. Up in Timmins a 1 bedroom goes for 1600. Half the people here work on mine sites so I guess they can afford it. But for everyone who works and lives in the town it's a stretch

  19. I pay 100 more in Toronto for a large one bedroom and feel like I am getting fucked. I couldn't imagine paying 1600 for an apartment and then another four hundred or so for car, insurance and gas.

  20. I'm fortunate and pay less for a full house then I did pay for a room in college, but prices are getting crazy. I'm fortunate enough to own my car. But I know hate going to the grocery store

  21. I mean my mom tries to park in the way back cause she knows shes shitty at parking, but out of all spots that are open people always choose to park next to her. Also my bf does park in the way back cause he doesn't want people to scratch his car or anything but ya know people don't want cars in the back to be lonely so theyll park next to him too lmao.

  22. I usually park at the back of the lot and someone dinged my car with the door in the empty parking lot. Like how hard do you try

  23. That's a regular chest Source: trust me bro

  24. I love finding these and sundew out in the wild. Super neat plants

  25. I'll eat a whole loaf of bread rolls. Can never have to many bread rolls

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