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  1. Kaip manot, isrinks ta snargliu tepliotoja dar vienai kadencijai? As manau, kad sita paskutine, kaip ir skardziui..

  2. Žinoma, kad išrinks. Koks kraštas, toks ir atstovas. Lietuva visgi ne Vakarai.

  3. This is really fucked. "Poses national security risk" can easily be Tor or VPNs cause hey, they make data gathering more difficult.

  4. So here is a fun fact that a lot of even Lithuanians don't realize. Though Lithuania doesn't block such content, per Lithuanian law production, distribution and acquisition of pornographic content is entirely illegal. Hefty fines may be applied and even prison up to one year. It should be noted, viewing pornographic content online is legal, but only because it is hosted abroad.

  5. So if they had sent the photos to the third person in a group chat, the fine would have theoretically been overturned? Genius. You can distribute porn as long as everyone is in it. Porn communism.

  6. Without trying to come off as a nationalist: aren't these... you know, fairly bog standard realpolitik decisions in times of cold wars? In my political purview these aren't exactly unjustified decisions at the moment, especially the first two examples. The third one is dicey sure, but a total faux pas? Nah.

  7. Again, take a look at the citizenship requirements. And keep in mind the context of Russians fleeing the draft. As well as Belarussian dissidents, whom the government previously actively supported and encouraged.

  8. All I'm basically saying is that if I were the head of Lithuanian intelligence I'd be having a big stinking headache about Russian agents or the like right now. You can be of the opinion that such notions are overblown, and I'd mostly agree with you, but again if I were in such a position - as a policy maker with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of my citizens - I don't think I'd be willing to run that risk.

  9. Almost all agents of all nations are either on fake nationality, recruited domestically or under diplomatic cover. And we already expelled the diplomats.

  10. Almost Anyone who’s thinking through hypotheticals like this is the type of person to escalate something to a fight and promptly lose that fight.

  11. Cause the idea is it makes it more deadly. Nevermind it makes it far more dangerous to the user.

  12. Then what is it for? Stopping WW3? Don't be stupid - UN is not the Red Phone, the UN veto doesn't stop WW3, it was never used for that lol.

  13. I mean, the UN’s original goal was to prevent thermonuclear war between the US and the USSR. In that regard, the UN has been EXTREMELY effective. That’s the whole point of the security council.

  14. UN isn't what's stopping WW3. UN isn't the Red Phone. This is revisionism.

  15. Huh. A trans adult shot up her former K-12 school, a private Christian school.

  16. Days since last school shooting in the UK: 9,855

  17. Biški ramina komentarai, nes kai vadove prisipisinėja prie kiekvienos smulkmenos tai kartais toks jausmas kad arba ateinantį mėnesį naktim sedėt, arba nieko gero nebus 😅

  18. Vadovė gero nori, tik lazdą perlenkia. Čia pagal Rytų Europos stilių - "debilai visi mokiniai, ir turi tą žinot, arba liks debilais".

  19. Geriau parašyt negu neparašyt, pasakysių taip. Iš bakalaurinio aukso neatrasi, tai labiau įrodymas, kad kažką suprantamo gali ištirti ir parašyti, nebūtinai, kad bus ypatingai įžvalgu.

  20. Ar man vienam atrodo, jog kaltinimai nepotizmu yra pritempti? Baisiai susifakapino nedeklarave interesu, uz ko ir uzsikabinta.

  21. Todėl, kad taip yra. Čia vos ne "nu ta pati partija, tai ir turi būti nepotizmas". Jokių įrodymų, jokios matytos įtakos. O nepamirškim - Jakilaičio žmona konkurse dalyvavo... Tai kieno čia nepotizmas?

  22. Aš ją kaip politike nusivyliau kai ji laimėjo rinkimus uzsienio lietuvių apylinkėje. Nuo to laiko nemačiau nei vieno atsidūrimo į uzsienio lietuvius jau nekalbant apie kažko darymą ta linkme. Pasijaučiau kaip išeikvojęs balsą, nes nujaučiu kad Jonai kandidatavo šitoj apylinkėje nes pamate kad laisvės partijos palaikymas ten didžiausias ir bent kažkokį turi šansą.

  23. You are welcome to think that way in an industrial, well regulated lab. I teach in a small, overcrowded undergrad lab. I don't want the way to the exit to be blocked.

  24. Do you want to be sitting down when your exothermic reaction starts to go out of control? Personally, I wouldn't want chairs in my labs and i never allowed them, except for ADA or other accommodation reasons.

  25. There will be more to talk about when you cover Yeltsin, but I think the main reason why Batov gets whitewashed by the community is, well, Yeltsin. Yeltsin's portrayal in the mod is positive, but the issue with Yeltsin is that he is too recent. And there is basically no current political group that does not hate Yeltsin.

  26. The realist clique when they realize that Germany winning WW2 is unrealistic

  27. New devs removing everything fun, interesting and unique.

  28. Putin? What fucking Putin, in 1992? The Saint Petersburg's head of Commitee on External Relations? Do you even follow post-Soviet conflicts at all?

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