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  1. At least the last Demons and Wizards album was terrible, so I don't need to feel conflicted about it.

  2. Al Sadr is pro democracy and anti Iran. That makes him an ally by nature - as we've seen by Armenia, dictatorships backstab democracies sooner or later anyway.

  3. For hunting they want you to start to justify gun #5 and #6 why you need it, and it's really rare that they give you more than that.

  4. Swedish K. They're really hard to get nowadays though. A semiauto is not different pointwise compared to a manual action.

  5. Ah ok. So seems like a fair effort is required, but it's perfectly feasable to have a few guns. Main issue being the "proff of neccessity" if same caliber.

  6. This is just not true, fuck it wasn't even true in Europe.

  7. The bills breaking the strike and giving sick leave are separate. Highly likely that sick leave doesn't pass the Senate.

  8. Why should critical infrastructure operate with the bare minimum anyways? This feels like it’s untenable and was always going to come to a breaking point even without the strike threat.

  9. It feels like the immigration debate is really entering the public's mind in Germany, with especially the "path to citizenship" reform making headlines in all publications.

  10. While inconvenient I can easily think of situations that could make electronic versions inaccessible, so having physical copies is good. Especially in organic labs, I'd say. Think power outage or natural disasters like earthquakes, it can easily cut you off from the internet, if not even electricity.

  11. Depending on the lab, physical copies are often there so a sheet with signatures can be attached to it, proving folks working with the stuff were familiarized with the SDS.

  12. Medicine control lab member here. Absolutely, we have binders full of SDS sheets of all active chemicals + signatures confirming you were familiarized with it.

  13. Hi all, I'm a 3rd-year student from the Netherlands in Forensic Research. For a school project, we are supposed to interview someone from the expertise we're doing our project own, mine being explosives. I would like to interview someone who's a chemist in explosives, but I'm open to other ideas.

  14. Not anyone who speaks English im afraid. There is a family friend who works with fireworks as a maker, has done for a long time, but their English, not so good. You'd likely need a Lithuanian or Russian translator.

  15. That sounds standardish indirect estimation? The only firm take home is that estimating war mortality is hard

  16. It certainly disagrees estimates from Iraqis themselves working with WHO (

  17. Sure and that makes sense- the larger the survey the greater precision. What I was struggling with was the methodology criticism of a sample survey being used in a context where VR is going to be... ropey. A larger scaled sample is still the same methodology, at a fundamental level.

  18. I think it's a good indication that the Westeners had certain ideas of the numbers they "expected" before going in.

  19. Many posters in neoliberal unironically support the Iraq war.

  20. "The million" is a bullshit metric based "excess deaths". No other war in history has been subject to this metric, especially none where is is uninvolved - it was invented solely for this.

  21. Yeah, like, the Western perception of the Eastern Front till like 1990s at least was literally written by the losers.

  22. I uh don’t know. My guess is the formula is “Russia must leave all Ukrainian territory before negotiations can begin”

  23. Er, the Koreans got curbstomped during the Korean War, which was a foreign invasion. And were never tested after that, especially in insurgency operations.

  24. America has proven to be a LOT more reliable on defense than Russia has.

  25. Hot take: Afghanistan set a precedent, just like I said it would. No matter how long an ally, no matter how much already investment, no matter how horrific an enemy. If you show any weakness, US will abandon you.

  26. They absolutely deserve it but without 60 votes in the senate I'm not sure what you expect Biden to do.

  27. They’re hourly workers and get some paid sick leave. Most hourly workers have no paid sick leave while making significantly less.

  28. Psychiatrist here. A lot of these people are not actually mentally ill in a strict sense, but they are certainly not well in a broad sense. I mean, i could definitely diagnose them with SOMETHING, but nothing treatable by hospitalization like very high risk well developed acute suicidal ideation, a manic episode or psychotic decompensation. Hospitalization is for when there is something acutely modifiable by hospitalization. A lot of these street types have the medical capacity to make bad decisions and are therefore free to do so. A lot of this kind of behavior stems from volition. We got cops constantly bringing these types to our psychiatric emergency room. Usually they get super agitated, require some haldol and versed, restraints, take a nap then wake up making all sorts of concrete material demands while cussing you out. They show no overt psychotic symptoms, they deny SI and HI, demand to be released back to the streets and clearly have look to take care of themselves out there. I legally can’t hold this person. Even if I did hospitalize them, now I’m just wasting a bed because we’ve got a bunch of clear cut first break psychosis patients in the observation unit who need it way more.

  29. There's just no appetite for it in the U.S. or anywhere else. I'm almost as interventionist as they come in principle (If we could pull it off successfully, I would have no ideological problem systematically invading and toppling every dictatorship in the world to establish democracies. It's that first part that's the problem), and I just have no faith in the ability of a foreign force to impose nation-building externally anymore. The successful interventions in America's past that resulted in stable, democratic nations (germany, japan, korea (obviously we didn't ~really~ impose democracy here), panama, etc) were the occupation and shifting of an already centralized and fairly unified, if unstable, nation to democracy. And even then most those were fairly large undertakings. Idk. Maybe Iraq will keep it together and reform its way to a more full, liberal democracy and be the exception, but I'm not counting on it. Let's stick with helping nations like Ukraine and Taiwan for now.

  30. It's not in our interest to intervene and therefore we should not. Simple as.

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