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  1. My opponent has cooper and hunt and they’re the only ones getting the ball. Fuck me

  2. I have Ertz and Olave in so hopefully it’s a glitch

  3. whats cool is that i can look at this while i'm at work and it looks like i'm actually doing shit.

  4. Yeah, he's darrel's father. Well technically, he's everyone's father.

  5. I personally wouldn't want to own both the RB1 and WR2 on the colts...but its not a terrible trade aside from that.

  6. my herbert, zeke and mostert for his ekeler. really want to upgrade zeke and i have QB depth

  7. I learned this a long time ago. If you’re happy enough to take a picture you’re happy enough to sell!

  8. I miss the days of the bruiser non-RBBC running backs who would go 20 for 120, 5 rec for 50, and 2 scores

  9. This happened in my neighborhood. I watched all this go down but had no idea it was a TMZ worthy event. Crazy

  10. Where in Bushwick? kinda looks like Jefferson ave

  11. This is the big reason I’m not going to bother with it (at least in theaters) and I grew up a huge Toy Story fan. Toy Story was my childhood. The first one might’ve been the first movie I ever watched and the second one was the first one I ever saw in theaters at age 3.

  12. You realize that this new buzz isn't the same character as Tim Allen's Buzz, right? This is telling the origin story that the toy was made after. Makes sense that they hired a new voice for the character...

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