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  1. Like what exactly? Now I’m scared everyone always says if you get the interview you pretty much got the position

  2. If you pass the drug test*** you can def flip an interview, but if they send you for a drug test then that position is most definitely yours

  3. If anyone gives you shit for it, remind them you have a doctors note on file at corporate, and that you have no problem reporting workplace discrimination for your condition.

  4. Idk man, I told on my manager to one of the higher ups that she bribed me to fucking shave KNOWING damn well I have an accommodation and I definitely took the money because I desperately needed it at the time. I’m trying to set up a meeting with my PM but they aren’t returning calls or texts

  5. I'll try for it but I hear it's hard to get... will it ruin chances of promotion though?

  6. Not at all, it took around a month and a half to 2 months for mine to finally get finalized. Medical accommodation. It doesn’t ruin promotion chances or anything. If someone asks you just say you have an accommodation and that’s end of story

  7. I’ve seen people get 20 shots of espresso before 💀

  8. Oh, it is. It’s across the entire store.

  9. Welp, guess next time I go to QT I’m bringing hand sanitizer. It’s like “oh you wanna wash your hands?” Nope, get irritated skin instead

  10. Nah actually. It’s terrible for your skin, causes mine to break out in hive like red sores and makes them crack and bleed

  11. Lol nah man the OP dude got me fucked up I downvoted all his shit

  12. He told me to fuck off about 5 desperate times 💀💀💀

  13. Bc it’s their cups and ice/water is a basic human necessity lmfao. Why does it make you so upset that others bring in so many cups? They hardly ever make a mess and literally just tell you that it’s their cups they brought in

  14. you will make 50K in year 1 if you work all your shifts

  15. 💀💀💀no they’re motion sensors. I can’t tell if this shit is satire or not

  16. You can ask for a leave of absence since you don’t have any days left

  17. Can the mods ban OP 💀 they’re toxic as all hell

  18. Shit man I wear the same shirt for like a week and a half and don't even ask me how long I wear the pants

  19. Same here lmao, I just douse myself in cologne

  20. I hate doing orders that have drinks due to this reason. Most places seal their bags and when we ask “is everything in there?” They just say yeah with no hesitation lmao. They don’t give a damn

  21. Well over 3 or 4 years ago lol. Before any of the remodels

  22. Grab the green nitrile gloves if you need to

  23. True, usually the assistant is fine with me putting them in the dishwasher or rinsing them out really well

  24. We should also add a button for people who say (after their card has declined 4 times in a row) “oh sorry, my cards locked”

  25. Half of what we got last year, or similar to November's bonus because (half the fiscal year)

  26. Agreed, I’ve commented that on multiple of these posts lol. The one we got in may accounted for the whole fiscal year, the one we got in November only counted for half though. So there’s a high chance we’ll get the other half in May. I always say no promises though

  27. Y’all need to chill. This has been the highest profiting year in QT’s history. Better than the past 3 years. There is a HiGH CHANCE of getting one in May

  28. I have too say our soap really needs to change for the amount of issues it brings

  29. It makes everyone hands dry as hell and makes them crack and bleed. It’s horrible for your skin

  30. I had the same thing happening on my hands, especially with the cracking and bleeding. I started to buy my own soap, layer on some eczema cream at night and seal it with Vaseline. Try to see if they can get you different gloves or stay out of the kitchen as much as possible. The kitchen gloves make the eczema feel worse.

  31. The kitchen gloves actually help me a lot. It’s the trash gloves that screw up my hands real bad because of the powder they put in them. I personally have to use kitchen gloves when doing trash

  32. I might be wrong, but QT doesn't pay out sick pay when you quit.

  33. They pay out all days; vacation, sick pay, etc. it all gets paid out in full when you quit

  34. Thanks! That was what I heard but was hoping it was just a nasty rumor.

  35. Our chicken tenders were so damn good though 😩 they were in testing for well over a year lmao

  36. Sorry but the “6 year employee” caught me off guard but ummm are u still a clerk??…..

  37. I’ve been a clerk, RA and NA. I’ve also trained multiple people and have done multiple QuikStarts lol. I’ve been around for awhile

  38. It’s as sharp, if not sharper than one of our knives in the kitchen

  39. I usually just fucking leave them alone 💀 I’m not trying to burn myself or cut myself on the metal. I’ll wipe out the water, but nothing near the edges

  40. I checked today and it says crsc, it’s been saying this since yesterday, is this normal? How do i know i actually have it off?

  41. That most likely means you have it off. It’s almost ALWAYS approved as long as you put it in more than 2 weeks in advance. If I needed to put in for one, I always tried to do it at least 3 week out; that way they have time to find coverage and stuff

  42. If you’re part time you can request a clerk request schedule change; this has to be done 2 weeks in advance. Just talk to an assistant and they’ll help you (if you’re eligible for it, you might not be right off the bat and should’ve mentioned which days you needed off in orientation). You can also just have an assistant out you in for a day if you need it. If you’re full time you’d have to use your sick days or personal days. If personal days aren’t covered, you’re still responsible for the shift. Sick days don’t have to be covered, you can use them and you have off with 100% certainty. Hope this helps fellow QuikTripper!

  43. I'll get downvoted here by the masses I'm sure, but I don't even care.

  44. Someone being logical = downvoted on this sub lmao

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