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  1. Depends, are you the first 10% losing the job or the last 30%. The earlier you go, the worse it will be.

  2. There's only two late stage capitalism directions. Door one leads to the bladerunner/cyberpunk corporatocracy future with continued ultra elite mill. Door two leads to a Star Trek future where needs are provided for and money doesn't matter.

  3. Door three, we burn through our existing energy reserves without building the infrastructure to exploit other potential energy reserves, and we backslide into a crappy The Postman kind of world with donkeys and wood-power.

  4. All of those just push things back. If there is a true end to humanity, then of course the experiment ends there.

  5. I don't know if the supporting infrastructure is around it. The homeless live near people because they scavenge. It's not the house they need as much as regular food and clothes and odd jobs.

  6. If there's anything I know about rich people, it's that they love being so close to their neighbors they can almost touch them while also looking exactly as wealthy as everyone else. /s

  7. You have to do a budget. Find out the upper range of what you spend in a month and see if you still have enough money to put even a little into savings after eliminating 42% of your income. If it's too close, you're going to have to have a roommate.

  8. Republicans are the abusive father. Democrats are the mom who always cries but doesn't do anything to protect her kids. Guess who we are.

  9. The kids' friend from the poor family that the parents don't care for? We're a corporatocracy. Unless you're a business then they don't care at all.

  10. I agree that money and politics are way too intertwined, and that corporations already had way too much power even before the 2013 Citizens United Supreme Court decision, but we should also keep in mind that there’s only one party who even remotely aligns with what good governance and policy looks like. They may not be the ideal choice, but perfect is the enemy of hood and apathy favors the fascists. We need to deal with the burning house before we deal with the guy looting our shed.

  11. Yes, one has really leaned into doing it super overtly. At least the other one occasionally throws us a bone.

  12. Well... to be fair, so was retard. There's a long tradition of medical terms becoming slurs and having to be changed. But apparently this obese is forgetting the word fat which is the actual pejorative people use.

  13. Fat and obese are different tho. Obese is unhealthily fat

  14. If you're familiar with the scale, you can't really be fat and not obese.

  15. Do you really think this changes anyone’s behavior? Seems like more plastic waste.

  16. It creates a scenario for discussion. For example, stop recycling plastics. It just gets shipped overseas where it is then dumped in rivers which go into the ocean. Everyone complaining about straws in the ocean never stopped to think about how they get there. Send them to a landfill where it is contained.

  17. That they're a massive people group that would be discriminatory to stereotype as a whole besides applying rote definitions of term?

  18. Fully clerical work, so there's not much opportunity. But one guy passed out in the bathroom and cracked his head open on the urinal.

  19. Dude, it just generates the shell. You read and alter it as necessary. This is such a dumb thing to worry about.

  20. Even blatant ageism in which you group an entire generation together like that's somehow not discrimination?

  21. There are more Nukes in MT than anywhere else in the US.

  22. But then I'd have to go there and be in Ohio. I promised myself, never again.

  23. Got a little worried when he started chopping on the downward side and double checked the sub to make sure it wasn't idiots fighting things. Him and the person on camera were both being pretty dumb here.

  24. The traitor who died on Trump's lies? I guess I'd also have a hard time accepting that I'd lied someone to their death.

  25. Were they trying to assess if they could use it in a naval battle?

  26. “I like to read a lot” is such a fucking lie. She doesn’t read jackshit

  27. I mean... the same way we are "reading" right now. But on qanon sites.

  28. No, come on. He's just an idiot with white male fragility. His goal is just whatever the kkk would like.

  29. 20% racism, 40% religious bigotry, 40% ideological opposition? Is that about right or does someone have a different equation?

  30. Why don't you take a step back and explain how to mimic your way from cave paintings to a space station

  31. The more technologically advanced, the more mimicry has been used. We find "water that burns" and we just keep using it in different ways. Then we figure out how birds glide and start developing planes. Then we see how plants capture energy from the sun so we develop solar panels. Even radio and telecommunications are just us using electromagnetic particles in a directed way. I'm not an art head, I'm a science head.

  32. Humans can imagine things. AI cannot. Humans are superior

  33. This is of course early in the tech and of course what we have now isn't AI. AI would be able to imagine. The tech is certainly early enough to where, yes, humans are still superior at arranging these items and imagining the need to arrange them in that particular way. But this will one day change. At some point, we've got to realize that we're John Henry against the machine as far as which is stronger.

  34. Man, if Alien UFOs do actually visit us, then this picture makes so much more sense of that.

  35. There's like four men there. Why not just grab their ass out of the car? Why use a dog?

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