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Thanks, I hate getting pregnant

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  1. the term "stage presence" doesn't irk me as much as it used to, but it used to irritate me for some reason? i hadn't heard the term outside of kpop communities, i was used to it being called "charisma". i think i got driven a bit insane by the parroting of the same terms over and over again (especially when in a negative context). "x idol has no stage presence," "y idol has so much stage presence that they overshadow their group," "omg their stage presence😍"

  2. Stage presence is definitely not a kpop term but it does seem to be the phrase of the hour at the moment and the more I hear it used, the more annoying it becomes 😭

  3. I had to leave him two weeks ago. You just wrote everything I feel. Thank you. I needed to read this today. I dont have any advice. But I am there in the trenches next to you. You are not alone in these feelings.

  4. Thank you, I'm glad this helped you out in some way <3

  5. Something that helps me when I feel like this is to just really focus on the fact that every day, every hour, every minute that passes by without him leads you closer to the day when that distance is closed forever. It hurts, but if you love this person enough to endure that pain, then it means that when you and him are side by side for good, you will never take being with them for granted . I really hope that the pain eases for you. Maybe try to set up video dates through Google Meets or Zoom, and just keep up communication. Something else that helps is just focus on how grateful you are to be with this person despite the miles that separate you. You literally have a love that spans all the space between you two. Good luck, I send virtual hugs and motivation :) <3

  6. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your advice 💓

  7. maybe i’m just being a hater, but sister-titting aside, the writing is just bad, no?

  8. Yeah I can't decide which is worse, the subject matter or just the writing itself

  9. About 75% of the time if I had to put a number on it

  10. Everything about this is the best thing ever in the most confusing way possible

  11. Cause when we jumping and popping* we jopping 🥲

  12. How dare you make me pick between the 4 best songs on the album

  13. I want a mv that consits purely of these images animated

  14. I knew the UK spoke better English than the US.

  15. I didn't even notice. OP your brain is very large and wrinkled. Thank you

  16. I aspire to possess a brain as large and wrinkled as OP

  17. it's been answered so i gotta say 10-20-40 underrated af

  18. Hey duggee all the way, but out of these it's Ben and Holly. Peppa is an obnoxious little t*wat

  19. Question is, why do they still need underwear? Do they still have something there? Are they wearing it because they were used to it, implying they modified their body for it. Or is it some ancestral custom keep even after humanity mutated the tittie dick and face vags?

  20. I, too, would greatly appreciate an answer to this question.

  21. Cruelty and absurdity aside, A Very Serious Tweet that says "Funky Pigeon" and "Moon Pig" is jarring.

  22. As good as this is, you can't beat the absolute banger...

  23. I only recently realized my husband says, “all the sudden” and now I can’t unhear it and I cringe every time he says it

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