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AITA for packing my kid an “inappropriate” lunch?

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  1. that means that all of us who love cotton candy fraps are going to be left in the dust 😭 dear lord I'm gonna miss raspberry

  2. I have a ssv who says "how's that 15 coming" when 10 minutes isn't even up yet. and yes, I set myself a 10 minute timer

  3. oh, so that's why my coworker asked if I could take their shift tomorrow... 🙃

  4. I think I got it! The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson?

  5. By the way, would you mind taking a look at a book I’m searching for to see if it sounds familiar? Under my posts it’s titled, “YA Sleeping Beauty Retelling.” I posted a couple weeks ago and haven’t had much luck. If not, no sweat!

  6. I'll take a look and see if I recognize it!

  7. NAH. I'm around the same age as you and my relationship to my mom is similar to yours. We actually had a similar discussion to yours a few years ago about being equals and respecting each other, and we ended up with two takeaways that I think might help you and your mom understand each other better:

  8. this is exactly what I mean when I say I view her as my equal! thank you! I definitely think explaining it in this way will make more sense and we will be closer to being on the same page. I very much appreciate it and the fact that you found the words I was looking for and couldn't find

  9. INFO: Did your mom actually say the phrase “you’re my child, not my equal” or something that directly means she thinks of you as inferior, or is she expressing that, as your parent, she’ll always feel more responsible for you than she would another random adult?

  10. yes, my mom actually said "you're my child, not my equal". this was a conversation was had last night, maybe an hour before I made this post

  11. my fav is when people ask for a medicine ball with extra medicine 🤦‍♀️

  12. Thats so wrong in more than one they also double dose actual medicine

  13. it most likely means actual Starbucks stores, not licensed stores like Tarbucks (Target Starbucks), Barnes & Noble Cafes (which uses Starbucks branding and products), anything that isn't exclusively a standalone Starbucks store. best bet is if it's located inside another store it's a licensed store so you can't use it there

  14. there was one day my store got like 21 for peak and suddenly it was expected that we would get that everyday to the point that anybody who worked that day would automatically be put on what position they were on the day we got 21; I suddenly was outside with an ipad everyday for the entirety of peak. very much did not enjoy that summer (twas 2021)

  15. There is a price increase with the holiday launch every year.

  16. drink prices go up with every launch, regardless of whether it's holiday launch or not

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