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The school bus I converted

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  1. just put it in the freezer for later 🤦 that’s what i do!! just like overnight oats!

  2. your grammar is worse than your attitude. stop being obnoxious and go back to school you twat

  3. How often do you wash your glasses? Even a quick wipe off with hand sanitizer will help your situation.

  4. Showing of your necklace at the beginning? Lol

  5. i have a dog but i just took off a bandage

  6. Yeah man that first one... if your pushing the tool down to the bone it's not ready to pop. That big one on your shoulder tho YOUCH!

  7. (Adding on to your comment!)

  8. this opened my eyes and holy crap i never realized that i’m not the only one who picks their skin and can’t stop. i have adhd, anxiety, and sensory issues and my parents always yell at me when i come out with my face all red from picking. they don’t understand why i couldn’t stop and i didn’t either until now. thank you so much i really appreciate this. hopefully i can get help for it now and talk to my therapist about it next session 💖

  9. you’re so pretty 🥺 congrats!!!! you got this!! also what kind of phone do you have? your camera is awsome-

  10. Thank you!! 🥺 my phone is the Apple IPhone 11 (not the pro or anything). I just used the camera app and was in natural light! The natural light really helps photos!!

  11. 8-10W is my go to for the Nfix, and always the 0.8-ohm pods.

  12. i usually go for 5-6 so that’s not a big change, thanks :)

  13. Thank you! I wish he were mine! He’s my GFs moms BFs lol....

  14. can i be your sister pls i need to pet doggo

  15. it’s not so it’s sol i understand that peanut allergies are no joke.

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