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  1. I’m on Team Ed the way I used to be on Team Mayo. She destroyed Mayo’s spirit and squashed his personality. Ed scores points because he sucks his thumb, that is until Mami swats his hand away. Fight back, Ed! You have a big set of lungs on you. Clear the room!

  2. I totally agree, Hillary sure did break romeo's spirit. She's an awful mother.

  3. Yes, Mayo was a little pecker which is why I liked him now he’s Little Lord Fauntleroy. I bet he snitches on the others.

  4. Rafa always looks so forlorn

  5. That is the whitest of white trash I've seen in a long time.

  6. Look at Carrrrrmens smile...Thirsty Mami coached her to mimic her own.."smile, mija, but don't show thee teeth"..sad

  7. I can picture it now--an ice blue abyss where the fetus should be.

  8. She volunteers to gas up the cars so she can buy her cigs too.

  9. I loved the first season, tolerated the second, and bailed on the third after a few episodes. It just got to be too stupid.

  10. Do you guys see the ghost of Hilaria lingering behind him in the pic with Kim?😂

  11. The lovey-dovey comments are from weird, sick stalker chicks.

  12. I actually hate Bullshit Barb more than hilz. I hate that freak.

  13. Just like I said yesterday, Romeo is getting 3 mins of mamì's attention only for the insta selfie she needed to post. Poor kid was removed by a nanny immediately afterwards.

  14. Yes, he will definitely have to pay a lot on his own. I can't even imagine how much he's going to have to pay his legal team when all is said and done. 💸💸💰

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