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  1. It's an outdoor antenna that is available for $39.00 (reg. 59.99) w/free shipping directly from Channel Master. I suppose you could screw its flange into your living room wall.

  2. I ended up using the clear heavy duty Velcro contact strips. Did have much luck with the stock stuff.

  3. I got a CM Flatenna from Amazon. Been pretty happy with it. I get green and yellow channels on the Rabbit Ears site.

  4. that's a good question, I haven't tried any apk installations with this phone.

  5. Thought about the Jelly2, if I'm gonna break $100, I want 5g. Just seems like robbery paying that much for just LTE. I may still eventually buy a Jelly2.

  6. Mazdas quality is gone up a lot over that past 10 years. I like my sister's 2017 CX5, 150k no mechanical issues at all. The ride is stiffer than I like, seats seem a little cheap. On the dash/cluster/glove box structure they use a fabric type tape where two pieces butt together to prevent creaking and rattling, couple pieces of tape worked their up to be visible.

  7. Seems like a waste after it already crossed the country, transmitting it's data while enroute.

  8. Nope, ride it out. I did have one service remote in to my PC with my phone connected and changed the IMEI of my phone to get around the lock. In that phone's case I now have issues activating on some networks because the IMEI they used is a device that was never sold in America. I have to activate by using another phone then move the sim over. Since I have moved on to a new phone, I can't really in conscience sell the the old phone to someone. It's now just a coffee table browsing/Chromecasting/GoogleVoice device.

  9. Are the apps in your apps in settings, are they in the disabled section. Google likes to disable my less than savory apps.

  10. The size of Europe compared to the US always amazes me since the have a larger population. Germany fits in California.

  11. I was shocked. Got into my 2021 Camry LE Hybrid, AndroidAuto connected and brought up my my choice in music apps, asked Google to navigate to X and I was created with a split screen of my music app and maps. I assume that was coolwalk.

  12. Never was tempted. I was raised a good Christian and Slinging is just immoral.😁

  13. ATT Unlimited Tablet Plan - Standalone. The option is right there when selecting plan. Easy peezy!

  14. I had that issue with the TMO business tablet plan deal. I already had one on my account. I gave the store clerk the soc code, exact name of the plan and mentioned, "just duplicate what's already on the account." They still mucked it up and I had to call support to get the second one sorted out.

  15. Sad when Toyota treats Merica like a third world sh!t hole and stiffs us on goodies.

  16. Cool. Learned how to drive in manual gas one of those trucks. Even did my driving test in it.

  17. God I hate slow merge/lane change people. The worst is when you have a long empty turning lane and a person drags the lane change to the very end, slowing down the through traffic. Half the time they never complete the change and part of their car is still in the through traffic lane.

  18. Welcome to Google. That happens. Googled one thing about the band Kiss and my Google News feed gets every new tidbit about Kiss. Googled some info about Utah and Tennessee and now my news feed is full of news from those states. For some reason certain topics Google will fixate on and burry you with them. It seems to happen with all Google products. I had to take a sabbatical from YTM because of it too.

  19. I say keep the freebies and shave a few more bucks off the monthly bill. Maybe give us the option to reject the freebie for a monthly bill credit.

  20. I imagine TMobile's deal with Netflix includes TMobile having Netflix servers in their network so TMO customers don't hit Netflix's servers. So TMobile will monitor if a device is on an approved account. If they don't have Netflix servers, I'm sure the task of verification of devices will fall on TMO.

  21. Is there a way to turn off the WiFi on router? Don't need it. I have my own, just need it as a gateway.

  22. In Oxnard, I liked 5 Points Smog. But it is just a smog test location. If you need service you will need another shop.

  23. Too easy to fool those. I regularly go my TDI to read 99mpg. When I finally got to the pump and did a pen and paper calculation it was 43mpg.

  24. Doesn't matter if you left a company. No company deletes account info. The more names in their database the more they can charge for access to their data.

  25. Good to hear. I bought the original back in August and was impressed for only being $20. Went back in December and not a one to be found. Hopefully they will keep it easy to hack.

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