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  1. I believe a cat and possibly another pet.

  2. Also Nathan had no balls to say to his sis to stfu

  3. I read this as Nathan had no bath salts.

  4. Does anyone know how to watch from US or Canada?

  5. Yeah maybe but everywhere in the house seems excessive. Also does she tell the babysitter about the cameras? I wouldn’t feel comfortable babysitting

  6. I'm glad she spilled the beans but LOL at her believing Yve didn't give him money when she brought him to the store. This guy is a piece of work. Everyone needs to be a lot less gullible!

  7. Hey, cool and thanks for sharing. Today was my first time seeing advertisement/knowing about the show.

  8. I only saw it looking through the Guide this week. Not sure if I would have seen it if it was just on USA.

  9. I don't have Netflix but just realizing that fallish is when we get new shows.

  10. And streaming on peacock where I watched it

  11. Oh wow! Where are you watching from if you are ok with sharing.

  12. I liked celebrity mole better as I had a slight hint of their personality from before appearing on the show.

  13. I thought you meant Kim go at a different like by herself. That would just be sad. I see what you mean tho. Even just her Ethan and the older kids could have gone again later with her or something

  14. words came out wrong. I have lost a son but not as young as Kim's.

  15. I’m very sorry about your loss. The loss of a child at any age is devastating. I hope you find peace.

  16. Thank you, very kind of you to take time to post a comment. 💞

  17. Is he graduating high school? How old is she? I really don’t know much about her tbh. Being pregnant with your second kid and attending your boyfriends high school graduation with your first kid (if that’s what it is) is so weird lol

  18. Is this the guy she recently attended prom with?

  19. And only showers once every three days. While living in Texas. During a global heatwave. Where it’s so hot in Canada that I can barely go outside so I can’t even imagine how hot it is that far south.

  20. Yeah. Especially as a woman. Between your legs and under your breasts are prime breeding ground for yeast and heat rash here. Especially during menstruation.

  21. Just going to the store and hauling groceries in and out I am sweating.

  22. I think she should have went. She did not have to interact with Kim. She could have just stood beside her husband as his supportive spouse.

  23. I think she either should have been there and been silent, or stayed at the hotel and not gone to sit in a vehicle parked on the side of the road. She was just sitting there and everyone knew it and everyone knew she was having a fit. She made it all about herself, for everyone. Which I’m sure was her goal anyway.

  24. Agree. She could have sucked it up and been a role model to the little girls. They have a permanent reminder(via the show) of the choice she made that day.

  25. Also, found on Instagram but no posts since May 2021.

  26. Did she make her mom smile, like she does with the girls?

  27. If interested in more posts/comments...there is

  28. Is that the one the husband shot, or was that the husband of the fitness scam turned super religious but modesty optional conservative?

  29. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t have issues. You can obviously tell her maturity is stunted. Why would I make that up? I have no skin this game. I heard & saw what her mother said.

  30. I didn't say she didn't have issues. We all have issues. I am curious where it was seen and/or heard. I never recall her mom saying such and I don't believe I missed any on TV airings with her or her mom. Was it in printed media? Now, I could see her step-dad saying such and I may have missed.

  31. If you don’t believe it, you find it. I know what I saw & heard.

  32. Since you wont provide proof. Where was it seen or heard to attempt to find.

  33. Was this the brother that caught Lindy's(his sisters) garter?

  34. This looks like it could be a scene from Absolutely Fabulous with Edina’s crazy friends

  35. I am seeing Myrtle from American Horror Story.

  36. I hate myself for reading it in his creepy voice.

  37. Dave shares the toothbrush with her but not the antiperspirant/deodorant?

  38. It doesn't appear that Kristen follows her SheWorksSmart insta.

  39. I thought I read somewhere that Hosanna wouldn't film with the family if Olivia was filming.

  40. I’ve read that too but given that Hosanna lives in another state with a whole nother cast of characters makes me suspect it’s really more a production decision. Including her adds a lot of travel/filming/cast costs for very little entertainment value given her lack of involvement day to day.

  41. Do you recall the state she lives in/how far away?

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