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  1. I got a 3 pack of pizza crust + sauce at Costco for $7 on sale. I made 2 of them tonight with leftover meat, veggies and cheese - total cost = ~$9 worth of ingredients.

  2. And if you're like me and you don't eat the pizza crust, you can save the crust and boil it with some sauce to make a nice pizza stock. Super yummy the next day on pizza.

  3. Another vote for sunshine coast. Ferry is more reasonably priced than to Vancouver Island, and it's only a 45 min sailing. So many places to stay near water. Overall a good place to chill.

  4. HAaalp! I lost my coyote! I hope he's having a nice hot bath somewhere warm with lots of tasty treats and good scritches because he's a good boy. Only eats cats once a year, promise.

  5. I don't understand how they're so busy. The pizza dough is like a tough cracker and the service is so sloooooww.

  6. I think they've been under new ownership for maybe a year now? The baristas are so nice, one guy makes balloon animals for my son when we come in.

  7. Found some once at a thrift store for $8! Wore them for 5 years. Good solid boots. Try fb marketplace, ya never know! Good luck

  8. If you've watched The Staircase documentary, youll know you're lucky to be alive

  9. Willow stream spa. Not certain about a sauna, but they have an outdoor hot tub and offer rmt (and non rmt) massages.

  10. I'm an American, and I made this mistake when I visited Vancouver in 2021. I asked for the bathroom, instead of the washroom. It didn't help that I was one of the first Americans to visit Canada as a tourist since the pandemic started

  11. Really? I feel like bathroom is normal here. Restroom on the other hand...very american imo

  12. Sloss furnaces. Portland Shanghai underground tunnels. Also that one in England with the weird long haired guy in the old straw house.

  13. This is Kennedy in a nutshell. He also dodged the rally at the VAG to oppose racism towards Asian people, he was a no-show at the pro-Ukraine rally. A no-show at the 100,000+ environmental protest some years ago. Plain and simple: Kennedy is not a real leader. For full disclosure: neither is Ken Sim, nor Mark Marissen. But Kennedy has absolutely phoned it in during his time in office. He even looks down when he has to pass citizens at the grounds at city hall. Extremely cowardly and un-leader-like.

  14. Saw him in person at the Trans Rally in woodland park during pride. No media present from what I saw. I lovingly thought he was someones dad before realizing it was the mayor, but I think he was just there showing support.

  15. Just for clarification, is the $22 including the Booster Juice or just the tacos and chips?

  16. Booster juice wasn’t included. It was from another booster juice truck. $7 for it separately

  17. Thanks for your reply. Definitely going to try. We’ve also had the vegan poutine at Meet in Gastown and had the vegan option Beaver Tail on Grouse Mountain is there any other Canadian culinary delights we should have?

  18. The Burrard Inlet was named by George Vancouver in honor of his friend Harry Burrard. Guy never even stepped foot here and it's all Burrard this and Burrard that.

  19. I didn't find it that terrible, just depends on what you want to eat. I had the most delicious jalapeno dipped corndog for $8. Though if you're looking for a big plate of bbq, you're probably looking at over $20+.

  20. The good old days are over. They charge full price no matter the time -$20 at the door or $18 online.

  21. Fable Diner & Bar. You can make reservations on their website. I havent been myself but I found this information on Google Maps. Worth a try, looks good and it's downtown.

  22. TIL you can get your passport faster by saying you have travel plans (even if you don’t).

  23. I bought a $20 bus ticket to Seattle and that worked just fine. Didn't end up going, just ate the 20 bucks.

  24. Ginger sushi on Commercial can pass the debit machine to u outside.

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