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This Man's Encounter With A Bald Eagle

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Can't stop seeing stars

  1. It’s most likely propaganda to distract us from something else.

  2. this is getting out of hand

  3. Okay but her reasoning for being a teacher is scary 😳

  4. I firmly believe Hell isn’t tortuous, I think Hell’s a hoot

  5. They’re tryna gaslight us honestly

  6. I was born in the middle of nowhere and my parents were in the same boat as you are

  7. You might have seen a housefly, maybe even a superfly but I bet you ain't never seen a donkey fly.

  8. “Not the gumdrop buttons”

  9. “Don’t stick fingers in the cage”

  10. Butter in their coffee

  11. Currently suffering from back pain right now! When did you begin to notice a difference? What poses were most helpful

  12. Wait it’s not a real movie.. my whole life has been a lie


  14. Man “the teachers buy the tools bc the schools don’t provide them”

  15. When this man passes he’s gonna return as a turtle 🐢

  16. Amazon or chegg is a lot cheaper

  17. Boobs aren’t what make you attractive..

  18. Not him feeding it another bird

  19. Holy cow that’s excessive

  20. Is that a stinger or it’s genitalia

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