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these people are secretly sane.

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  1. Having a tantrum is different from continually to physically assault your younger siblings or stealing food.

  2. The example provided here is he wanted a snack before dinner. It’s not the end of the world for the kid to have a snack before dinner, parents just don’t want him to. That’s not a strong enough reason to respond by hitting your child when they don’t comply. Let him have a snack, just “compromise” on the proportion. If the adult hadn’t taken to fighting with the kid over the snack, it wouldn’t have gotten everywhere.

  3. The example was not that he just wanted a snack, it was he took a snack when he was told not to. Also, in your example, what to do you if he apologized to his sister and then bites her sister again?

  4. He took a snack “when he was told not to.” He wanted a snack, he was told no, he gets spanked because he didn’t listen to no. That’s about disobedience and control. His behavior was neither dangerous nor damaging, just defiant. Behavior is needs communicated. He states a need, you have to listen to it. Not every toddler need is going to be able to be met at the moment it’s communicated but when most of their needs are heard and respected the no’s are easier to accept. They could have said yes, given him a proportion that wouldn’t spoil the meal and then engage him in an activity that helps prepare dinner or something else he enjoys while dinner was being finished. If parents are controlling about food, it often develops into disordered eating so it’s better to “compromise” in these moments. Yes and it can be a smaller portion.

  5. I almost hate that you've posted this because I still STILL totally believe that aaaannny day now good-week-me is gonna be all-the-time-me. I read your title and post and was like "omg lol same" and felt a scary realization start to dawn that...this is life. This is forever. I can't keep doing this! I have fifteen balls to juggle and I can't keep chucking them all on the floor!

  6. Nope. Sorry to burst your bubble but I just hit menopause and I still have good week / bad week about every other week.

  7. God. Damnit. I can’t do it. Throwing in the towel now.

  8. Yeah I went from eating three meals a day for honestly the first time since I was a child to unable to afford food for 6 months when my state cut the UI earlier than the rest of the nation. I’m 41. It was absolutely brutal.

  9. Laziness is another word way too ambiguos. Being lazy is usually associated with "unwilling to do a thing". While for us folks it's often overly motivated but yet somehow unable to do said thing.

  10. Laziness, beyond being ableist, racist and discriminatory, is also associated with sin so I reject this term anywhere I see it whether in reference to ADHD or not. Everything we do is based on need and there’s nothing lazy about doing what needs to be done especially considering it’s dependent on our social positions.

  11. Not really. Considering all the ways it’s weaponized against marginalized people.

  12. I was right there with him! From Colorado, and no visitors seem to realize that honestly, moose are more dangerous than the bears. Maybe because people think they’re cute and pull shit like this when they would not do this to a bear. I honestly hope I get a part two. Edit: would NOT do this to a bear

  13. I lived in MT for a brief bit. Scariest moment for me was driving up a dirt road, way up in the mountains, late one night, when a baby moose ran out in front of my car. As far as I could tell, it was as tall as my car. Like an emu, it just ran in a straight line in front of me instead of veering off the path. It was an adorable, confused baby animal who’s mother was certainly nearby. The fear I felt was very real. I kept imagining my car like a tin can against her hooves of justice.

  14. Consult a vet before doing this!

  15. Just block him everywhere. Threatening to kill himself is a very common manipulation technique. He won’t. You don’t owe him an explanation, he’ll try to talk you out of it or manipulate you to feel sorry for him and it will work. It very, very often does in controlling and abusive relationships. Just block him. His own behavior is all the explanation needed but that requires him to be accountable for his own behavior which he is not capable of doing. You’re very young and relationships aren’t supposed to be like this.

  16. I haven't read your link yet, but first thing to mind is all the vanity projects by oil tycoons in the east, like that stupid "The Line" which will end up like every other vanity project in the east, less than partially built with some human blood in the sand if not in the hands exchanging all the money.

  17. Yeah, absolutely. That sounds like the opposite of degrowth! For me, if I think about the rise of fascism too much, I begin to feel powerless. Not that I want to avoid the subject, just focusing on the movements meaningfully countering its rise is where I find peace and resolve.

  18. We absolutely never have to hand it to a fascist. They have to be right occasionally or else the grift doesn’t work. This is not evidence of their sanity or proof they’re any less depraved than the ample evidence we have to the contrary would suggest. Most oppressive and dangerous people are charming. Please stop giving these people an iota of credit.

  19. Wouldn't working and paying rent prevent that?

  20. Don’t expect explicit. That’s what this is - he’s already calling for it. “I’ll fight the evil trans until my dying breath.” People can not expect evil to announce itself, he’s telling you who he is already. No need to ponder when he’ll say it plainly. Oppressive, abusive people don’t announce their intentions they just ruin your life often while pretending to be honest , normal people.

  21. Enzo would only poop in his crate when I got him from his first mom. So, he was having to be bathed all the time and pooping exclusively in the house the first few weeks. It was exhausting. But seeing a baby iggy standing in a tub, only his snoot, ears and curly tail poking over the edge or catching himself in the mirror after his third bath of the day really balanced out the huge pain in the butt he was. It’s like “hey, I just pooped on the rug, I’m chilly now. Hold me please and keep me warm.” Impossible to deny.

  22. Lol omg, I can definitely relate to that a little bit right now. He HATES being left alone, even if I am just in the other room. Every time I shower I put him in his pen and without fail he poops and pees and panics, so he runs through it and gets it all over his bed, the pen, his blankets and himself 😩 he needs a bath every time I shower

  23. Very relatable. I feel like when it comes to iggy puppy training there should special consideration given to isolation training them because so many seem intolerant of any isolation, no matter how brief. I made this

  24. Aging like an incredibly handsome wine. Happy birthday sweet boy!

  25. What’s the source for this? Unless it’s a veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist, it’s gonna be suspect.

  26. Classic goodest boy face. The picture of puppy perfection. I can’t imagine how the loss must feel right now and I’m sorry you lost both of your dogs so close together. May their memories bring you joy and peace again some day.

  27. Rough coat or sheltie? Looks like a rough coat and I will take him. The best dogs.

  28. Even kitty appreciates that baby smell.

  29. Money is a secondary reinforcer. Secondary reinforcers require association with innate reinforcers (primary reinforcers) before they have any value. If money doesn’t lead to enough food and shelter/safety (primary reinforcers for humans), the reinforcement schedule has been thinned out too much and people will stop fucking doing shit until the association is reestablished. Some people seem to think they can just give us a little bit of the secondary reinforcer, then beat us over the head for not being grateful although it’s not enough to buy us access to the primary reinforcers we require to sustain life and maintain the value of the secondary reinforcer. This is like training your dog with nothing but a few good boys and a shock collar. Soon, we won’t have a choice but to eat them.

  30. Let’s go back even further, the biggest missed opportunity was

  31. Yeah friend. Time to stop the rawhide. They can hardly digest it and there’s some other great cheap treats and chews out there. I’m so glad he’s safe

  32. Pet stores really shouldn’t sell them. It amazes me they still do. Major choking hazard for every single dog ever? Why, yes, yes we will carry that product in large quantities. Just no responsibility to offer even safe products.

  33. This is the second video I’ve seen of a dog with construction equipment “helping” it in some way in the last 24 hours. Where is this building happening? Are both videos coming from the same place? Are they upsetting a street dog territory? This seems sus now.

  34. Consequences =/= punishment. These two words do not mean the same thing and you’d do well to update your understanding of both. Consequences can be simple things like temporarily removing privileges but they shouldn’t cause undue distress. Punishment is often anywhere from distressing to emotionally scarring and the effect is not determined by the punisher. The repercussions of punishment are determined by the one being punished. They can’t be planned for or predicted.

  35. Oh no, I had the ick from the minute he pretended to be a stripper.

  36. I think it’s a smart way to find out if someone will be accepting/forthcoming about their opinions when they find out your mom was a stripper.

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