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AITA for being a picky eater at Friendsgiving?

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  1. I tiktoker shared her experience using a service like this and it was $10K for her and one dog.

  2. Did he lie? Did she ask? He obviously looked older than her. So she's OK with someone 10-15 older, but not 20? GTFO.

  3. He must have told her he was 38 if she thought he was 38....that is a lie

  4. Unless he's a freak of nature, obviously he likely looks WAY older than she is. Probably assumed she was into older guys.

  5. It's a walkable neighborhood, easy to get to amenities, lots of bus lines, easy distance to downtown. And there are many other people experiencing homelessness is many other neighborhoods in Austin, not just campus.

  6. I think a lot of the hate for him is because he is the embodiment of a BS plotline that came out of nowhere and went nowhere.

  7. I think it was also to set up the reveal of how much was being filmed after they saw the trailer for the documentary. They needed to have established a character that could answer those questions

  8. Your 30s get better if you make them better. I went back to school, and while I haven't landed the big "professional " job even with 2 MAs, I have 2 jobs I like and a community of friends.

  9. It sounds like a normal path of discovery. Have you never experienced thinking maybe you wanted one thing, then once you knew more and grew more, realized you wanted something else?

  10. Is it because you're rude to them? Do you have different values? Why does the family not like yall?

  11. She's a child with knowledge of how to sober people up. That is definitely a red flag for alcoholic parents.

  12. She could have also read it in a book, like how she knows all of the things. Seems like quite a stretch, like "she knows how to fix things with magic her parents must break things in a rage for her to know that"

  13. I feel that if a host invites someone over for dinner, the host should cover all the costs.

  14. Ok, but this is also family and they're all chipping in. I made pies this year for Thanksgiving and my family members venmo'd me a few dollars for extra supplies since i don't make much money but I am an excellent baker who loves to do it. Did I "charge" them?

  15. The New York Post is a very very (very!) unreliable "news" source. If the family was so unhappy with this situation, they wouldn't go.

  16. She ran off without me when we landed to find her bag, and didn't tell me where she would be or where she was going. Yes, I could've messaged her, but she could've messaged me as well.

  17. Wait, I'm confused. What didn't you get to see? Are you just upset that she also wanted to see her friend (who housed you, fed you, etc.)?

  18. That is the inherent problem with these types of “satire” or “critiques”. They are not really much different from the things they are criticizing and most people see them as one and the same. To the few that don’t it is simply amusing, which doesn’t really balance the impact on the others.

  19. Then that could be leveled at all art. All art is saying something and isn't just a face-value thing. Does that mean all people who consume art know the meanings, no- but that doesn't mean there isn't a message there.

  20. didnt it just make the piece go up in value though? that’s the inherent problem with these pieces, they only embolden and empower those they are criticizing.

  21. It totally did, it also made it more unique. It's still a critique on high art and the art market world

  22. Keep in mind that shows need drama to continue the story. So all those situations are made up and they're actors. It's not really happening.

  23. Also, social media. And it's starting to affect our boys and young men now too.

  24. To be fair, guys who major in philosophy are typically insufferably arrogant and only signed up to bolster their self-image of being an intellectual. Not a bad route for pre-law though.

  25. As someone with an MA in philosophy, that was also my experience with the men.

  26. That's what I'm afraid of. I just want to be done with them and close that chapter of my life and move on.

  27. Don't burn a bridge, being vague and friendly allows you to move on gracefully. And, who knows, maybe one day one of them wants to be a better friend

  28. Take it until you can find something else. But I think SB offers tuition reimbursement and stock options?

  29. That’s rich considering Reddit is 99% the most internets more brain dead leftists claptrap circle jerk and I’ve never watched a Fox News segment and I click off them when they auto play on YouTube. I’m just not some blind, jealous, Corp hater. Try for once to recognize how privileged you are to live in a country rich off the backs of big corporations and risk takers. Unlike union sycophants, who unionize to avoid all risk, responsibility, and hard work just to drive up the cost of living for everyone.

  30. How many people in this country are considered working poor? How many people suffer food insecurity?

  31. An extremely small amount. “Working poor” is a vague propaganda term and good insecurity is vaguely defined. The term conflates starving and malnourished. If you eat McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or Starbucks you’re malnourished.

  32. Food insecurity is not malnourishment. It's an inability to reliably access food

  33. Why didn't you just go talk with other family if you didn't want to be part of that conversation?

  34. This sounds like the beginning of a horror movie. Don't stick around to see if it actually is one.

  35. I worked at a coffee shop where our regulars gave us each gift cards, addressed to each of us individually.

  36. Never said the sister wasn’t an asshole. I’m just saying if some brat (with a history of this behaviour) spoke to me like that, I wouldn’t buy him shit either.

  37. So then how is the mom the AH? What else would you do with a child, from a family of sailor-mouthed adults, in a confined space? And then having to deal with a sister who obstructs you from trying to feed your kid, after she also swears at him and you?

  38. I wouldn’t be in that situation first off. I don’t swear around kids, never have. I also have a fundamental understanding of the importance of food relationship. I would remove myself from the room. Maybe book another suite, if money allowed for it. But I am not these people.

  39. Have you never been stircrazy with family? Never have lashed out a bit and felt bad? Now think of all that in the body of a child who is much worse at keeping their cool. The mom has a history of inacting consequences (taking away electronics, etc) and the sister would just rather she hit him.

  40. info: what did you propose to this coworker? Did you just ask them to go for a coffee? How long have you known them, etc?

  41. Not very rare in my experience. My social circle is full of men who are good husbands and fathers. I've been lucky to date men who aren't incompetent, who aren't toxic, who don't cheat. And while I'm single right now, I'm confident that the next person I date will also be good because they've all been good. and with one or two exceptions, I've stayed friends with my exes and have seen them be good partners and fathers after our romantic relationship ended. But I also just really like my own company, so I'm also able to take my time to wait to meet the next good dude.

  42. Out of curiosity, what's your location? I think answers are very location-dependent!

  43. A Texas city, but not all of the good men I know are from here

  44. Part of doing the laundry is checking tags to make sure you're cleaning everything correctly.

  45. it seems like he just doesn't want some clothes (like older shirts) to go through a dry cycle, regardless of what the tag says

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