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  1. I’ve made a fun little game by numbering each of the scales. Organizing them from which I can do easily at the front and which I can’t at the end. So like CM = 1 Am =2 GM=3 Em = 4,

  2. He is very skinny, and is sucking in his stomach.

  3. He’s wearing a white shirt, blending into the background.

  4. Sorry can you expand on your question?

  5. If a street is one way, there would be a start and an end.

  6. Whaaaa? you don’t seem too informed on how streets exist. They aren’t some permanent thing that can’t be manipulated or designed. They were made and designed by humans, and can be made any way that suits efficiency.

  7. The title says it all and yes. It’s pathetic

  8. Hey there! If you are still looking I have them in blue and green 🥰

  9. Same issue too. iOS 16, iPhone 12 mini.

  10. Haynes Amadeus 680 w/ solid silver head joint. I’ve only been playing for less than two years but I love this flute

  11. Laughing at all the comments about how bad Aspyr is. And I agree. Their port of Sim City 4 is poo poo also. They can’t fix this bug that seems like an easy fix. (Designer here, not developer) but like why so many glitches aspyr? 😂

  12. My friends and I were thinking about a less invasive change to the game. But what if you added two cards. A drought card, and a disease card. Either can be drawn into your hand or drawn for bartering. If drawn into your hand. You can choose to use it on an opponent’s field. If drawn on stage 2, bartering, it affects your field of the largest number of cards. Kind of acting like the “thief” in Catan, these cards reduce the number of viable beans in the field and drop 1/2 or 1/3 of the cards. What do you think of this? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  13. Every time they announce they are "conducting a monthly fire alarm test" it is literally every other week. Sometimes it's 4 times a month. On top of all the false alarms that happen here. False alarms happen at least twice a month.

  14. Same trouble on mine. Not reading cartridge SS or digital HG, nor Pearl or White 😞 anything above these works fine

  15. Ah okay i assume your baby is a mix of locals as they are cheaper. I paid 600 pounds for my boy and hes a moro x frediel. Really love leachies :)

  16. That’s great! Yeah I paid about £450 I’m in Canada tho.

  17. I havent tried pinkies with my boy yet. Hes not very intrested in live food at all.only seems intrested in my fingers! Loves his pangea though. Really enjoys the leapin leachies diet.

  18. Nice! Mine does the same when he’s in the mood. I’ve seen so many different patterns on mine. I love it

  19. They are legit as far as I know. I ordered and received a light early in 2021. However, I ordered a second light in November that I haven’t received. They’re saying it’s a problem with the shipping company. Company is located in Australia (I’m in California).

  20. Similar experience. Been waiting since September for mine. Still haven’t got it.

  21. That is so cool! Where can i get walls and floor?

  22. Legend has it, the bike is still going.

  23. How does this happen?? Drunk flying? Malfunction? Wtf?

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