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  1. You are just jumping to conclusions and making things up. If you wanted to write a fan fiction that's fine, but you're really stretching things to call this a theory.

  2. Its called Headcanon and I only got into that by the end as most of what I said fits into the story and has some support by the imagery. Red Hood having ruled hell might be a stretch but it certaily has the mythological parallels Kubo loves and are present in Cinderella looking like the Bennu (another mythical beast) so it could falls under theory.

  3. Your conclusion is really interesting and its very cool you did all this research. I hardly ever say things like this but that person's comment is just stupid and rude. Half the scaling posts on this sub are fanfiction

  4. Its fine if you want to defend Gyutaro and Daki, but please for the love of god stop making shit up and spreading misinformation. Nothing in the series has ever indicated that Gyutaro is stronger than Gyokko. Gyutaro is Upper Moon 6 because he’s weaker than Gyokko, end of story. Sure you can argue Gyutaro had more potential, but between the two of them Gyokko was the harder fight.

  5. No, Rui was weaker because he was the only demon allowed to split his blood amongst his ‘family’. Thats why he was weaker. If Rui absorbed them, he’d instantly be Lower Moon 1 again.

  6. I don't see how any of this implies he doesn't understand why Miorine chose Suletta. I mean sure you're on point on how he doesn't view Miorine as responsible for her actions if partly because he was rationalizing why the girl he so loved had been doing that but its been a while since he made any claim of being the best person best suited for her.

  7. I feel what appeals to me of the ship is how much character is how much potential character development it could inspire Like, we know they both care and are supportive of one another but while its obviously romantic on Oscar's part its unconfirmed for Ruby (though its implied Marrow and possibly Neo think it is) which isn't strange considering Oscar is far less mature and dependant than she is.

  8. I kinda have a hard time seeing them record this kind of message in a post apocalyptic world, so its probably not canon.

  9. You know setting aside the betrayal, Tossen is known to be an inspiring mentor, who started a newspaper investigating the noble's evil shit, frequently cooked for his men and encouraged intelectual pursuit among his men. Kensei mostly does his job (not always that well) trains his men and relegates the humanities to Shuhei

  10. Pretty sure toguro's balls are 100% muscle

  11. Well Kenpachi is at least capable of doing one (badly done) Kendo move.

  12. Yeah, Yama trained Kenpachi in Kendo for a single day. He wrecked everyone else there.

  13. Actually I do Kendo and let me just say the form of Kenpachi’s two handled blow sucked

  14. He hated his methods, yes, but the fact that Shin acknowledged that Kanki got shit done was no secret, which pissed him off even more. He's a man of the battlefield, and he cannot deny the results. Not to mention that despite what people think, Shin HAS matured over the years and Kanki made a major impact on Shin; hearing his backstory just showed Shin that he really did not know the man known as Kanki.

  15. Hategu's hatred form has the best design and powers hands down but overall its Akaza

  16. Yeah book 2 was actually pretty good until that senseless Kaiju battle finale.

  17. You know how Frieza doesn't need to breath and he is incredibly strong despite never training, I think thats because his cells are individual sources of energy. I think Gero took them, reverse engineered them to create an unlimited energy source and installed it on the androids via nanites, thus every cell in their bodies has a more efficient version of Frieza's cells in them.

  18. Kubo confirmed the medicine of his zanpkauto's sheath is part of its ability. I'm think it has something to do with the growth of life. Say it does heal but its not a full regenration zanpakuto like Shuhei's so much as that it related to pushing the body and weapon to its limit.

  19. Okay so I suppose the climax of this cour will be the Yhwach defeating Ichibei.

  20. I think it was a combination of his Schrift and Ichigo’s sword being damage and even then the fact that Ichigo was more powerful meant Haschwalth’s schrift would work in his favor. I suspect the impact should have broken Haschwalth’s sword and but because of the Balance it broke Ichigo’s damaged one.

  21. Right because snowflake like you says so means I can’t make theories.

  22. It was crap hole from the beginning? Giyuu isnt autistic, if he was it would be stated in the fan book 😂

  23. Also I can’t seem to find the ADHD anywhere other than internet discussions? Why would people argue that if it was in the databook. Sounds to me like you heard it somewhere and assumed

  24. I imagine it might’ve its awkwardness here and there much like whenever someone marries into a family but I could see them gradually growing closer with time as they grow used to thinking of her as family.

  25. What part of It doesn't matter do you not understand ? They don't need an unlimited amount of nukes. And no had it not been for team Rwby she would've never made it to Atlas in the first place. Even after she landed she still nearly lost, when her entire invasion force got deleted, which is a hell of alot more than an inconvenience, as having your combat effectiveness drop to 0 when your one step from loosing your objective is seen as a near defeat by most people.

  26. Team Ruby played no part whatsoever in Salem arriving and if anything its thanks to them that they caught Tyrian and Watts and were able to notice Salem was comming. It really is little more than an inconvenience considering she can create more of them at will and again she has more power than all four maidens together.

  27. What part of they only have so many nukes, she can regenerate and she defeated a mage who can create nukes backs when he was stronger is the one you don’t get? It took her literally hour to regenerate from a nuke and what were they gonna do detonate one in the middle of the city. Sorry but your plan sucks man

  28. The short story tells us that she was a rescue worker on Mercury and regularly performed high speed rescues with Aerial so she would have had to be pretty strong even as a child to handle the g forces involved.

  29. Emotional strength !== physical strength, especially when your soul is not weighed down by the gravity of het

  30. Even if his power couldn’t calm them he could probably defeat at least three bijuus at once (mind you Naruto never did that; he just took away their rods)

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