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  1. And the mods responded with some lazy insult rather than addressing how the two party system creates an illusion of choice to manufacture consent.

  2. I'd argue that some ideologies obviously lend themselves more easily and sometimes even actively to violent interpretations, especially when the important texts of ideologies contain strict rules demanding loyalty to one set of beliefs and to not heed those rules is to go against the universe and its creator, with damnation as punishment.

  3. How would you feel about pacifist religions?

  4. The number of wars fought over buddhism or even hinduism is a drop in the bucket when compared to those with christianity as the backing

  5. In this day and age, the ideas are yours to do with what you want. The one about spreading the religion by sword is a little difficult for me to find among the writings of what Jesus said but I'm obviously not going to pretend crusades and holy wars didn't happen.

  6. This is a non-issue. Orange is a strawman made up by right-wingers. Saying "hey my group is bad but at least I'm not like the other guys in my group" is a form of self-hatred and insecurity.

  7. Orange is what we gave back to you for letting libright disassociate from people who don't understand what the words "mutual" and "voluntary" means in a relationship.

  8. I forgot this was a political meme....or maybe it actually isn't. Either way it's nice. No matter which part of the compass you're on I suppose this is a goal.

  9. It's actually right wing agenda, somewhat subtle, but yeah. All these positive traits are what someone on the right would value, the left would say that sometimes it genuinely isn't your fault and not blaming someone or something else is just unhealthy for your self esteem.

  10. These "trivial ideas" explain why the graduate program isn't the solution to women in STEM- perhaps if you could look past your nose, you'd see we probably agree on that.

  11. Under the current status quo, we simply cannot hire too many graduates. If this gets deeper and more complicated, such as needing to know if someone is lgbt without asking, then the graduate program will end.

  12. Oh please. You are all hyperbole. Let the academics do their job.

  13. Stay out of mine and stop voting greens then.

  14. Fantastic. Also, your comic on the "power of Superman" is one of the all-time bests:

  15. I wonder if that one was for the coal miner

  16. It's because I'm not a lawyer

  17. No, but whatever that post was absolutely is

  18. It was absolutely needed at that point. Ireland was prone to kidnapping people from Wales & Scotland and selling them into slavery. Dublin was the largest slave trading port in the world at this point.

  19. When we think of slavery, we think of commercial, industrialised, chattel slavery.

  20. A lot of Korean sites do that and it’s annoying. Sometimes I want to copy/paste into a translator but I have to manually type it out.

  21. I wanted to save you guys a click...


  23. Site disables copy and paste for some reason...

  24. I had tiny little white bugs on my thyme plant I thought were aphids, but were much, much smaller than OP's picture. I honestly don't know, I'm a complete novice here.

  25. This screams of a feudal mentality.

  26. If you do that, you lose the "right wing bad" effect

  27. One’s penis can not be stolen and used by another (especially one’s kids) nor kill multiple people per second.

  28. Posted as if the cops aren't notorious for dodgy checks of gun safes. No one's literally bearing arms, like an AK47 hung in your living room. Guns have to be kept in safe that either has a weight requirement or is literally bolted to the floor.

  29. And yet the U.S. has more reported school shootings than the rest of the world combined

  30. It's due to the gun culture, not the number of guns, and those shootings are murder suicides. That's why they kill themselves if the cops don't do it.

  31. In case it needed to be said, this is making fun of a post I saw earlier showing "suspected locations of Uighur interment camps" with no sources or satellite images to back it up, this is satire, there never were WMDs in Iraq, but perhaps the real WMDs was the friends we made along the way

  32. Oh, you're one of them because

  33. Isn't authleft about collectivism, which is the opposite of individualism?

  34. Yes, forced collectivism and forced outcomes.

  35. What's the UNC? Whose daughter are we talking about? Why is libertarianism suddenly the topic?

  36. Misspelling, I meant the human rights commissioner.

  37. Setting aside that completely plausible scenario, we're talking about the Voice. How is anyone being punished by the Voice?

  38. Absolutely no one. That's my point.

  39. It's more like Russia will run out of resources and/or morale. Some geopolitical specialists were waiting for, firstly, the mobilisation of Moscow conscripts and, secondly, those conscripts to return (or not...) and demoralise Russia.

  40. Honestly, the best way to deal with Russia right now is to block any military equipment from China or India and hope their attrition demoralises the Russian command structure such that they're ineffective for a few decades.

  41. This inflates the price of megayachts and rockets, we get concerned when the price of what you put in your vehicle to get to work is inflated or, worse still, the food you give to your children.

  42. Inflation has soared over the last year with wages barely reaching half the inflation rate.

  43. Someone said before something about "why doesn't anyone care rich people have more money" well, rich people spend money differently, obviously.

  44. False for India. There are no prisons for people below 18. There are Juvenile Rehabilitation Centers.

  45. It's a little dishonest, but unless there's absolutely zero chance of consequences then the graph decides that's the age of responsibility. Basically, if your country can tell someone age 10 they've done a very, very bad thing (but no real consequences, besides maybe counselling) then this graph has decided your country is abusing kids.

  46. So if a 13 year old in China or Russia kills someone they get counseling and sent along on their way? 🧐

  47. Is it really just one when others defend or run interference for that ‘just one’?

  48. Yes, people who enable this violence have crawled out but, again, when individuals cause violence those are the issues.

  49. They do what??? These people who rant about class reductionism are radlibs. Why do idiots have to ruin everything for us? Theyre supposed to be, lets be real, puppets and part of the road to radicalisation. Theyre to stupid to archieve anything so we often intervene in their actions to save the movement. When they complain about "left unity" being them shutting up they shot themselves in the foot because they cant see beyond individual identities. What we do to save humanity from exticion is ruined by them just calitulating to capitalism. Hell, they even managed to make you a pro- capitalist....

  50. Sure, but I'd actually prefer if no one did. Not you. Not them.

  51. Ok good, sense I was about to make some joke about some German symbol,

  52. Good thing it's a Hindu/Buddhist symbol as well then!

  53. I hate socialism because the same tools are used by radical progressives to attack people based on their immutable characteristic, most forms of socialism allow for this kind of control over another's life.

  54. Benefit isn't the question, it's control.

  55. You think The King of Kings was libleft? The Lord is the very definition of AUTH.

  56. Jesus' message was closer to "come and see" rather than "I'll show you my way by sword." Your prophet might be someone else.

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