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  1. My girlfriend lived way in the woods when she was a kid, the dog would sleep in the front yard all the time. One day he's just gone from the yard. Turned out her neighbor had brought it to the vet and asked for him to be put down cause he had a limp. The vet knew exactly who the dog was and who owned it etc.

  2. How the hell does that happen? In the UK you practically have to give a blood sample before they’ll let you make any decision for a pet! I had to switch vets because my vet had closed down and I had to bring each pet in to have a full once over and I had to give them a copy of my drivers license. I have to take them in once every six months for a weigh in before they’ll keep giving me worming tablets! Every pet has to be microchipped with an up to date address and name of the person responsible for them. My husband can’t even take our animals in for treatment because they’re all registered in my name. What’s happening there is animal abuse.

  3. It's crazy because we came from a small town so there's only two vets, it was the same one I used when I lived there and they were always extremely trustworthy and compassionate. I was poor as hell and more than once they didn't bill me for stuff because they knew I couldn't afford it. Sometimes small town people are just way too trusting I guess. Either way it's fucking awful, especially since she was a kid when it happened.

  4. Did they pay the bill? Or even go in and demand to know why the hell they had killed the dog? That’s literally murder. The vet would be dragged through the courts by the police here for that. They’d definitely lose their license if nothing else!

  5. A kid in the new nursery class didn’t get to the toilet in time and peed all over the floor, he was so embarrassed he took of his jumper to try and mop up the mess, when that didn’t work he took off his trousers and t shirt and just tried to clean it all up. By the time the teacher realised he’d been in there a few minutes longer than necessary for a wee he was down to his pants and socks, rolling on the floor. That was a fun phone call for the teacher to make!

  6. I had a bit of a fright last year when my friend’s daughter told me she only uses one tampon a day, only changes it every morning! I asked for an explanation and for some reason she got it into her head that a tampon is supposed to stay in for an entire day and you just use pads to catch the over flow in between changing it! I was nearly sick! She had been doing it for about three years at this point. I physically sat her down and brought up as much information about tampons and TSS on my phone as I could find and heavily stressed to her how dangerous it was and how incredibly lucky she had been. My friend came in and I nearly yelled at her that her daughter was so misinformed. She had been assuming the daughter was just using pads and a tampon now and again. I just hope I hammered in enough information that it scares her into changing more frequently!

  7. Imagine not only caring about an object more than your child but also being so hateful that she would publicly post degrading comments and abuses about that child as if it were normal.

  8. This is the perfect word for her, hateful. She’s full of hate for a poor child who probably doesn’t understand her frustrations. How anyone could take the time to write this on SM is beyond me.

  9. The mental gymnastics they’ve used to get “4 out of the 2500 shooters were trans, that shows that trans people have a mental illness and need conversion therapy not acceptance” bewilders me……. So this train of thought means they believe the 2496 cis people who shot up schools were mentally sound?! Okay then!

  10. Why pack the thing in front of the kid then? He was just answering grandma’s question “what’s going to happen?”. That bottom lip coming out was too tragic!

  11. Her baby has just aspirated his own poop. There probably won’t be any more updates from this woman. This woman has seen that her baby is in distress yet is choosing to go home. Ugh, that poor little thing.

  12. I have a brother and this is just the oddest question ever. He’s my brother. There are many different relationships in the world that are leagues away from a sexual relationship, you’d have to be a complete emotional moron to not know this.

  13. You don’t have a choice. Biologically that child belongs to someone else so whatever age they are you’ve got to give them back.

  14. My youngest was an easy baby. Everyone who ever watched him agreed, he hardly ever cried and he loved to nap. This personality actually makes him one of my most difficult to parent kids. He 'keeps his own council ' and doesn't like to take advice, and it can be hard to pry his thoughts out of him, even over the simplest things. Even potty training was an ordeal, because he wouldn't ask for help and wouldn't admit to accidents. My other boys were easy to train.

  15. My youngest is the same, fiercely independent from a tiny age! He was the easiest to potty train though, he just understood what he wanted to to and got it done. It helped that his older brother was still learning by the time he got to 18 months- 2 years so he just copied what he was doing and they were both out of nappies together. From the age of four I wasn’t allowed to cut his nails, he would do it by himself. The worst thing was he’d never let anyone see him cry, he would walk away (which was heartbreaking!) then a few minutes later he’d come over to me and say “do you need a hug?” Then I’d say “Oh yes please! I really need a hug!” So then he’d climb on my lap and cuddle in.

  16. I once had a neighbour that stole my pain medication (thankfully I didn’t need it!) and also my car. Be grateful they’re just asking for a lift for their kids.

  17. I cancelled my hello fresh account this week. Sick of wasting a tonne of money on stuff I can just buy in the shop. I thought the stuff would be prepped and all I’d have to do is cook it, I didn’t expect to have to peel my own spuds!

  18. I don’t allow our dog to get in the bed with us for that very reason. We allow her on the couch sometimes, but the bed is a sacred space for us and only us. I have gotten flack for that, but ummm… I do not care.

  19. I don’t allow my dog in the bedroom either. He’s got three beds, two are downstairs and one is upstairs on the landing outside the kid’s bedroom (these are places he likes to sleep so I just put beds there so he would be more comfortable). Apart from the odd sneaky cat that might take advantage of an open window during the night, I don’t let any pets in the bedroom if I can help it!

  20. Yeah my first time ever in Chicago a waitress asked me for a tampon. I didn't have one but I went on a magic quest to find a place downtown that sold them. It was actually kinda fun lol.

  21. There’s nothing more focussed than a group of women on a night out, searching for a tampon when that bell has been rung.

  22. If my husband did this it would be the last thing he does as my husband. If my husband’s best friend walked in to my house telling me he had just left his wife ten days after a section because she shouted at him for videoing his son screaming instead of helping him, there’s no way in hell he would be staying with me, let alone sticking my nose in to actually text the wife some shitty patter about “you got this”. Who the hell does she think she is?!

  23. My eldest bought a few of these for £2 each at Asda and gave the bottles to my youngest (9yo) so he filled them with water and took them to school. His mates were trying to buy them off him for £5 each 🤦‍♀️ kids are so stupid.

  24. Oh clearly you’ve been cheated on or you’re a sensitive weirdo like the guy in the video, either way not my fault, cry about your tiny 🍆 somewhere else

  25. The only reason a man ever brings up penis size (as an insult to another man) on the internet without cause is because they have a tiny penis themselves and they’re deflecting. So I’m sorry that a woman cheated on you, and I’m sorry that you think it was because you have a tiny penis, but you should know that it probably wasn’t your tiny penis that made her cheat btw, it was more than likely because you’re an asshole and she’s a jerk.

  26. The brackets are killing me 🤣

  27. A local farmer found a pile of rubbish fly tipped in his field, he looked through the rubbish and found that the tipper had helpfully left a piece of packaging with her name and address on it. He decided she must be missing her belongings so loaded the entire lot (including a rotten arm chair and a ton of black bag rubbish) and delivered the whole lot back right to her front door. Unfortunately for her she had hired what she thought was a legitimate refuse guy (man with a van story like OP but on the dodge) and he had charged her a bundle only for him to dump it in the middle of the countryside! She was horrified when the farmer told her what happened, and the police were called. Farmer put the whole story as it was happening, with video on FB. It was entertaining!

  28. So, what happened to the trash? Did the farmer understand she got screwed? Did he leave it anyway?

  29. Oh yes he understood she got screwed but she should have made sure the van man had a licence so it was on her at the end of the day. He left the rubbish there and went on with his day. Then the local gossip is that she gave the details to the police who grabbed dodgy van man who was charged (not sure of the result) and I’m hoping from there she did actual research into the proper disposal of refuse and secured a safe and legal way of disposing of her rubbish….

  30. I think I had left my fourth or fifth “This can’t be true, it sounds completely made up!” Comment on an AITA post when one helpful Angel sent me a message with the link to this group!

  31. Your local coop is possibly selling you 12 for 86p But you don’t realise that you pay £.76p extra on every single item in the store

  32. Oh I do realise! I’ve not got a lot of choice here though. Apart from co-op the nearest supermarket to me is 26 miles away.

  33. This is horrible. I can’t imagine how his kids must feel being forced to appreciate their own existence just because he doesn’t starve them or throw them into the street. What a prick.

  34. What strange things have happened in the master bedroom?? You can't just leave us hanging like that.

  35. To go from the stranger things in the bedroom straight to the garden being pretty was such a cliff hanger!

  36. Yeah, it’s entirely possible to spoon feed and be responsive to the baby’s cues that they are done. I suspect the problem comes in when people push their baby to eat a certain amount or do what my mom said I should do- “It doesn’t matter if she opens her mouth, you stick the spoon in anyway.”

  37. When my first was born I had a friend who’s daughter was a few months older so she started solids first and she would feed the kid yoghurt and literally ram the spoon in the kid’s mouth and snap it out against her teeth! It would send shivers down my spine hearing the metal spoon be banged against her daughter’s tiny teeth!

  38. I’m a huge fan of BLW and only discovered it while baby no 2 was a toddler but baby 3 was raised on it and it worked so well for us! The obesity claim is odd though, does Marsha think spoon fed babies get fed lard? My first one was spoon fed and he was nowhere near obese!

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