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  1. Went to the quiz night at Grove House Tavern and whilst it was a good night, the quiz master wasn’t very good and I think he was a stand in. He struggled to read some of the questions and at one point asked ‘who would write these fucking things?’ And there was one question about Gordon Brown and then he went on a rant about him and how he hated him, it was all a bit odd.

  2. Comes home from work ‘So how was your day?’

  3. Yet another bubble tea shop is popping up, because we needed yet another one. Pretty convinced they are the new American Candy Store at this point. I think that’s 5 now with a few minutes walk of each other.

  4. Just out of curiosity what bubbletea shop is it?

  5. I seem to remember hearing about them in The Sopranos

  6. They tend to deal with a string of violint crime.

  7. They should hire the people who made the house robots on Robot Wars. Imagine if Sir Killalot turned up to break up a drunken fight outside a kebab house at 4am.

  8. A lot of sadness on the streets today, a lady walked past balling her eyes out and another guy was really angry and tried to start a fight. Everyone looks miserable and fed up and I don’t blame them if their feeling matches their expression. Outside the Lidl people observed a boxer dog trying to shag one of the security barriers and both owner and security guard looked unimpressed but also not very bothered by it.

  9. Spending my day going through the Timeout top 50 restaurant list and scoping something out for my birthday next month. Torn between Rochelle Canteen or going all abord the hype train at Brat (always like staying east)

  10. Rochelle Canteen is very good although the staff are keen to move you on quickly. Brat I’ve heard amazing things.

  11. I did notice on Rochelle Canteen's website about guests leaving, ordering within 15 minutes etc. Doesn't seem like Brat is available on my birthday which is a bummer, had also been looking at Cafe Cecilia for sometime but as they're #1 can now imagine it'll be even more of a nightmare

  12. Definitely give RC a go, the food is lovely and maybe I just went on a stressful day. Leroy is Shoreditch is also a decent eat too.

  13. People stood outside the bookies in the rain.

  14. Had a seizure (epileptic) the other night. Fell out of bed and twisted my neck pretty badly so now it hurts to move at certain angles. Managed a day at work yesterday stacking shelves but luckily I've got the weekend off, so I'll be resting a lot, might go for a walk as well, try and stretch it a bit.

  15. Sorry to hear you’ve had a tough one. I hope you’re okay and able to rest n recover this weekend.

  16. Humid af outside, everywhere is warm and the Victoria line felt like the Central Line. Off to Cambridge for the day to see an event at Kettles Yard. If anyone has any breakfast/coffee recommendations please I’d appreciate it.

  17. Thanks for the recommendation, I Found it, it was very busy with the old laptop worker unfortunately. Found a pub and sinking a Guinness instead, caffeine is bad for me anyway.

  18. Nice weather for a lunchtime run today. Lots of smiling faces out on the canal so path!

  19. I noticed this too, everyone just smiling and feeling good.

  20. Having a nice day today and keeping myself busy. Got recommended some little galleries in central to go to and really enjoying the pottering about.

  21. I would’ve phoned ahead to check if there were any spaces available before piping up. OP deserves Carol Vorderman knocking on their door with a Pride of Britain award.

  22. CD Player? Which red phone box did you walk in to get back to the 90s?

  23. Was in Spain the other week and got 4 packs of Golden Virginia 50g for €30 to bring back for some friends. A single bag of it at the local shop is £18.

  24. Thinking about this woman’s life in the form of a workflow, how did they come to the conclusion to ring up the Mirror and complain about a £1 jar of shitty sauce because of a Smokey smell to it. Just get rid and move on with your life you daft wally.

  25. Very true, long live the demicks, long live

  26. Camberwell New Road is a shit show, the traffic in towards Vauxhall is jam packed and a lot of cyclists on the road including a a tandem duo. I’ve seen a few tandem bikes recently and it’s probably cheaper than 2 bikes and if you live together it makes sense too.

  27. Butchering course by Ginger Pig. Apparently it’s very good and you can get merry whilst handling the cleavers.

  28. Feeling much more positive today and had a good training session early this morning. Found out someone came to take a meter reading for the electric and no idea who did it but only found out when I tried to submit the reading and to be told I didn't need to.

  29. OP tell your mate to play a record..

  30. There are a lot of people in finance who do drive in, but they’re the sort of people driving £100,000 range rovers and don’t mind paying congestion charge, diesel and £50+ per day in parking charges just to avoid getting on the train.

  31. Probably cheaper for them to get a parking ticket than it is to pay for parking.

  32. Learning about the dark past of item acquisition, I went to the John Soane museum and the volunteers are definitely gullible enough to believe he purchased them at estate auctions and it was all above board.

  33. I'm quite happy that I have only been to one or two bars in the Secret London "32 Quirky and Cool Bars in London" list (unfortunately been dragged into that stupid ass fridge entry bar by my ex and went to Escapologist for a Thursday event)

  34. Did you ever experience Gem Bar in Soho? Now that was a right treat.

  35. Strange day, woke up at 4 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Went to training and couldn’t get myself out of my head, just ruminating bullshit. Upon leaving and heading home, the wind was howling down the street and for a moment I felt a bit of fear given that I was surrounded by abandoned apartments and a lot of debris, roadwork signage etc and it was the perfect environment for a Final Destination style demise which felt close.

  36. I wake up with my day starting rough and hearing this news is like the sun burning through the clouds. A wonderful moment for a wonderful person.

  37. Went to the Wheatsheaf in Fitzrovia to see some friends yesterday and what a lovely little pub it is. Stayed for around 5hrs and loved their pie menu which I highly recommend. Punters didn’t look too happy with Englands performance against France though.

  38. I'm convinced struggling companies pay him under the table in attempts to get a boost.

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