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  1. They think they in the hood💀💀

  2. Nasi kandar nowadays very expensive cuz they know ppl will still queue up for their food...

  3. I clean my house, make myself a nice meal and watch steve1989mre

  4. Still a hell of a lot of life ahead

  5. What do you mean by like? Because depending on the interpretation, I might be prosecuted by Interpol

  6. I suggest you look into arbitration too, especially on construction disputes

  7. Whole state falling apart with Teh tarik for water : I slep

  8. Bro, expecting clean water is hedonistic...

  9. They show T-34-85s every year though, along with other vehicles of WWII such as SU-85s, SU-100s, various trucks etc. The presence of a T-34 at the parade isn't indicative of anything about the Russian army as the post title implies.

  10. Dude, the t-34 was the only tank that appeared in the parade

  11. Food anthropologist. I love studying human culture as much as I love food, so why not combine both?

  12. I think this sub can sometimes be a circlejerk for "self-proclaimed leftists/liberals". It just confirmed my view that it doesn't matter what view you have, as we are all equally prone to bias and prejudices.

  13. Getting dressed in a bathroom after you've taken a shower. I hate how my clothes cling to my skin and how hard it is to get them to fit properly.

  14. Unless you are transitioning, I don't see the point of removing your balls. Aren't they pretty important for hormonal production? Also, can you keep your balls? Rocky mountain oysters.

  15. its a combination of heat and time. but risk of salmonella is quite low, if the chickens are healthy, your eggs are kept properly, you wash your eggs before cracking and don't eat your eggs raw, should be fine.

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