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  1. I am 45 minutes east of tulsa, if you're interested

  2. i’m more metro okc! However i’m willing to drive or meet halfway!

  3. You don’t need a dedicated space to meditate. Meditation can be on a bed, a chair, the floor, while you’re doing other activities, driving a car, outside, etc. If you really want to practice, you’ll find a way to do so.

  4. i never thought about it in my car 0: Thank you for that idea!

  5. yeah! shoot me a pm! it’s late here so i’ll send a pic mf the rest in the morning

  6. i’m pretty sure! i’ll double check my big box when i get home! send me a pm as a reminder pls!

  7. I live in the OKC area, good luck finding one. I've been practicing since age 15 (roughly 11 years) and have been unable to find a coven that stays alive in these parts.

  8. Saw a post that said frog was to be released 10/13 so the 13th of October is when it should be released 🤞🏻😁

  9. Yep! it came with the wig 2 it's a mess tho i hope i can fix it bc i use to braid the wig alot when i was younger the only thing it didnt have was the shoes soo im thinking i'll get her new ones

  10. i’ve read that fabric softener works for wigs! I did it with the MLPs i had >.<

  11. I have such mixed feelings, like the colors are so loud to me and so bold

  12. YESS I DO!! i love taking my bears places to make me feel safe

  13. that’s horrible! I’m sorry about your experience): the one where I live LOVES when adults come in (I use to work there too ) They shouldn’t judge bc they love the bears just as much as you do 💀

  14. On bright colored bears I typically go for neutrals. White dresses/clothes, black, browns/tans. That or a pastel of a complementary color. If you do too much, it’ll clash and won’t be appealing. Hope this helps a bit!

  15. THIS MAKES ME SO SAD , ugh ): hopefully it comes back soon bc i love him

  16. They're currently available in Australia! Which would explain the high prices on them there. :) BAB has said to keep your eyes peeled for them to restock in the US (and presumably UK) soon. No confirmation of if they will be online only still or available in stores like they are in Australia.

  17. thank you so much!! i was driving myself crazy wondering bc i want one so bad!! <3

  18. omg we are in a facebook group together 😂😂Stuffing station

  19. i’ll keep an eye in my facebook groups! I got the frog for 25 shipped on there bc they don’t really price gouge !!

  20. Just get a job at Buildabear, that's what I did ♡

  21. i currently work there 😅 i’m honestly not social enough for it anymore

  22. Felt that, sometimes it takes the energy out of you, but other times it is so rewarding to buy a bear at the end of the day for yourself after stuffing sooooo many beaaaars.

  23. mine is when we are busy i am so preppy for like 4 hours with absolutely no break trying to get people out and it drains me so fast ):

  24. i always recommend to guest that they tie some string to the back to hold them in place! however since these are displays they stay on regardless!

  25. he’s in the same line as the new giraffe! maybe he isn’t online but in stores ?

  26. HE LOOKS SO CUTE YES. you should have gotten him glasses! at my store that’s what i dressed him up as

  27. typically yes! because the cotton will clock and block the sound chip so the place it in the hand and use the cotton around it (it also keeps your sound chip in place so it doesn’t move around so much)

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