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  1. You probably did something to make him go from yeah to hell neah .

  2. I truly did not do anything wrong. He switched up like this on his own.

  3. Maybe you don't know that you did something.

  4. Yeah idk what happened and it will bug me a lot but I'm never reaching out.

  5. I agree with this but on the other hand. I really fucking like this guy and haven't done anything positive of the above. I left him on read, I rescheduled meetings, didn't ask question about him, I avoid him in public.

  6. This is easy. They liked you, still did, but you did something that killed their attraction to you. Usually a guy dips out emotionally if a girl seems to intentionally try to get in the way of other potential relationships, hopefully you didn't do anything like that.

  7. I didn't do anything like that I was pretty chill. Did not bother him, replied when he replied, no spamming. So idk what went off with me but my friend saw him on tinder yesterday so that answers all my questions lol.

  8. Okay that sounds completely different from the original post, I’m not sure what the reason behind that kind of behavior could be but it sounds off, so I would just give up & move on tbh

  9. Yeah I'm trying to let go lol, it's just fucked up how people can play with your emotions so easily.

  10. I got back with him after a month or so and were together for 4 months after that. Made my life A LIVING HELL. I don't know how I recovered from that but I'm so glad I did. Pay close attention to the reasons you broke up and never idolize this person in the worst times.

  11. Amazing. It's been a year. He was the most toxic person I knew in my life and I'm glad I cut him off.

  12. I loved him even though I knew he was really bad for me. Like really toxic.

  13. There’s really no reason to unblock them unless doing so would give some sort of peace about it. Honestly leaving them blocked creates total ambiguity…”Is she still hurting? Or has she forgot about me? does she have a new boyfriend already?”…The fact that he’s blocked makes everything about you a total mystery. If you unblock him that’s more likely to create a signal than anything else. “She must me thinking about me if she took the time to unblock me, maybe she wants me back, maybe she wants me to reach out?…

  14. Yeah I agree. I have no intention of talking to him again but even if he does notice, seeing that he's still blocked after a year, does it give him the impression that "he won"? Idk if you understand what I mean lmao.

  15. Around 30 euros a day maybe. Our total budget for the trip is 250 euros.

  16. Including accommodation and transportation? Per person, right?

  17. Yes 250 euros including accommodation and transport, per person.

  18. I'd see a doctor if I were you. That's not something random people on the internet are qualified to help with, and I don't think a professional piercer would be much help for that either. A doctor is your best (and safest) bet

  19. I went to my piercer today and she said that it looked fine. There's no bruising nor anything that might indicate that there's a problem with the piercing. If it continues to hurt/tear up I will go to a doctor. Thanks.

  20. How about holding off on that until you’re over the last guy.

  21. I think I can totally answer this because I'm the guy who do this generally.

  22. Yeah probably, just went on with my life. She will see in the future I was not that bad. I gave everything what I had, you did that too, he will see it later.

  23. What about a situation where you know for certain they moved on and don't miss you in any relevant scope, but still can't let go of hope fully?

  24. May I ask, why don't you want to date this guy?

  25. I'm just not interested. We went to a party together and kissed and I thought we would leave it at that.

  26. I joined this sub desperate for my ex. I honestly, hand on heart, don't give a single fuck about him now. I feel nothing towards him. It's like he doesn't exist.

  27. After I unfollowed mine, I saw him put a profile pic of a man holding up two middle fingers. Also, he never posts himself or his friends on stories, but a day after I unfollowed he posted a story of him hugging the two girls I shouldn't have to worry about. It killed me, but now I think he was just being petty and wanted to hurt me.

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