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  1. The way i see it is the closer i am to clocking out the happier i get... but when i clock in, i may be groggy

  2. Some kind of fruit bat or flying fox, most likely black flying fox? I think most are native to Southeast Asia / Northern Australia and some islands in the south pacific.

  3. Thats what i thought! But i saw this in the afternnon in northern California

  4. Where in Northern California? Like Bay Area, or even more north? Is this real?

  5. That might be my last resort haha.... but ill I'll research if i can place it it a different bottle a much smaller one

  6. Just 11 ways how lies where written through the centuries....

  7. Julian Alvarez from man city the kid wants to play but over halland its impossible and Alvarez is a baller in my opinion idk i feel that Lewandowski could have another good season but thats it...

  8. Busi shouldn't even start at this point anymore... the is a legend and all but hes shouldn't be in the firat 11 every game

  9. There are more politics behind super league than just money, atm fifa/uefa is owned by Qatar, teams that have great legacy but can’t be obtained by them will drop in quality over the years. All teams that are fan owned are in danger.

  10. Fifa overall is corrupt alreaddy.... maybe making the superleague would change to some extent but who knows...

  11. We receive big money for signing up plus it ll generate us more money than la liga and the ucl combined (not sure if its true thats what I ve been hearing)

  12. Yeahh i see that the club will make more money soo why are people hating on it soo much if they're going to have big games every week... isnt that a good thing?

  13. Try applying to the big hospitals like marin general Sutter or john muir even UCSF they pay alot i wouldn't recommend the city as you have to pay daily parking and if you decide to park outside you're risking of getting towed or a homeless breathing your window

  14. Darrell brooks, is that you?

  15. Does this dude just casually carries a Michelle obama picture whatever he goes??

  16. I feel for you. I have been dealing with anxiety for years. I am mostly managed by medication. However, not benzoyl Luke xanax and Ativan anymore (they are addictive and cause problems later in life).

  17. Ohh wow i didn't there was a hotline for this. Thank you soo much!!

  18. If your heart is racing with accute anxiety, you can take advantage of something called the mammalian dive reflex to slow your heart and help bring anxiety under control (this technique is taught as part of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). Basically, the mammalian dive reflex is something that mammals evolved to conserve vital oxygen stores when immersed in water. Among other things, it slows your heart rate.

  19. Thank you very much i will look into this!

  20. Get rid of busquets instead give this guy some minutes he will adapt

  21. Give them a warm blanket and if they start being out of pocket just go snitch on them, if management doesn't do anything go to the C/O if they dont do anything make a complaint to the board of nursing...

  22. This is an issue that comes up intermittently. For official hospital communication or documentation, we generally speak/write in English and that much is usually noted in our job descriptions. Then our department management tried to convince us of the unwritten policy that we are supposed to only use English in patient care areas and in the break room.

  23. Noo i have not gone that far yet but i honestly dont mind speaking in English cause i can do both easily. But if im having a private conversation with a housekeeper, or other staff even a patient it shouldn't be anyone's concern. It's just that this guy was an ongoing problem and i finally had it, I've always tried to give the benefit of the doubt but i guess he cross the line that time with me.

  24. Congrats on standing up for yourself, and by extension minority patients who would've received sub-standard care from that guy.

  25. Theres alot more than just what happened is better for me to move on than to deal with all that stress. And thank you

  26. You must be in the south. Sounds like a shit storm. 10 deep breaths. Take it easy and keep a cool head. Talk to the Chaplin they are like a free counselor at most hospitals.

  27. I read your whole post now. Im a dumb white dude who only speaks English. When people speak Spanish to each other when I know damn well they can speak English, it definitely isn’t a team feeling when on the job. Never good to bottle stuff up, I’m the same way and usually the explosion doesn’t over too well and people think I’m overly aggressive . Being bullied by co workers is BS, you’re all on the same team. Healthcare is cliquey and I think it’s drink the kool aid or else you won’t fit in and it’s going to be a rough time. The racist thing could be true, but we’re also living in a time with the least amount of racism and the most complaints of racism. I’ve read lots of BON complaints while waiting for my license and all I can say is that they do their due diligence and reports are lengthy. Once you got a record on there it never goes away. Best of luck, read the room, and stay out of trouble!

  28. I hear you and i understand when someone is close enough i speak English cause i know how someone can feel left out but this time it was different it was an overdue reaction towards this individual because hes always being a dick to everyone and i just had enough today is my beginning of the week and everyone is pretty chill but im keeping my distance forsure

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