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  1. When I was a teen (80s) it was considered a yuppy rich people substance. Its gradually risen to the general public since then, horrible stuff really.

  2. Is it really about pensions or have the people just said enough of this.

  3. Is it really about pensions or have the people just said enough of this.

  4. The caretaker was a paedophile.. he got caught and had to leave. This was a few years after I left and he never seemed dodgy at the time, just shows you never know.

  5. I wonder if we went to the same school or if it’s just a theme with caretakers…

  6. Hmmm.. it (did )allows them easy access to children so who knows?

  7. Cmajor scale will always fit over chords from that key.

  8. Ok, so what if you were to play a C over an Eminor, or a F over a Cmajor. Would that not clash and be dissonant?

  9. Try it and see what works for you, some tones will clash. I do personally think that trying to think of every possible scale for every chord change is unnecessary .

  10. My son was with his friends, down by the river in our town, about 10 years ago. He came home and told me I would think he was nuts, but he saw "a little bearded dude" standing by the trunk of a tree who was about 18 to 24 inches tall. He said it was wearing brownish clothes, a pointed hat, and was on the thick side. He saw it. It saw that he saw it. Then my son said that he had the idea that he should not approach it.

  11. I saw something very similar about 30 years ago.

  12. The devil you know is unfortunately still the devil.

  13. Covid, the vaccine, the buying of farm land. Even the regulations to prevent farmers from working on their own tractors. All geared towards population control. We have too many people and the elites are slowly setting up a way to eliminate us.

  14. Its funny we know this and yet we just accept it, quite meekly really. If you knew someone was out to get you, you'd generally defend yourself by any means.

  15. They are too busy arresting people for mean tweets.?

  16. What even is the point in saying that? You know it's obviously untrue

  17. I got mine from aldi for £20. It works fine!

  18. They turn the lights down here at 9pm ,usually they are too bright to look at, so its easy to see they turn them down, but aren't LEDs suppose to be efficient?

  19. I have struggled with this and found no remedy.

  20. How are you going to facilitate trade using crypto without the approval of the government? You are talking about a system with no tax or any kind of regulations. Not to mention Bitcoin's appalling processing speed which is around 5 transactions per second. (As a comparison VISA is processing at around 1700 tps)Nevertheless, I think that soon the breaking point might be reached, considering the fact that FED plans to roll out their own CBDC this July.

  21. Why do we need the approval of government? We employ them, not the other way round.

  22. Because the government provides law enforcement. Of course I do not mean to say that they provide it well (of course they don't and there are so many double standards) but it keeps people somewhat in place, acts as a point of authority when your business is damaged, provides capital to stimulate new businesses, and collects tax which is then reinvested into public infrastructure. (Of course those operations are being done in an extremely inefficient and corrupt manner) but its being done nevertheless. If you look at some Scandinavian countries, which tend to be more efficient and fair with such system (free healthcare, education, lots of holidays, high level public infrastructure) it makes the citizens quite happy. I am a big believer that it is not the government which is the problem, it is the fact that it is corrupt and rotten that is the issue.

  23. Government should be there on a low level, to make sure the bins are emptied and the lights are on. Etc..

  24. I think of them as visits, a friend died from cancer 2019, the night he died he came into my dream looking young and well. I didn't know he had died that same night. He said Hello to me and turned and walked away.

  25. Get some cardboard boxes, stick the CDs in them, tape them up and put them in the loft or similar place.. is what I would do, I still have my cassette tapes from the 80s.

  26. Its just a scam. Ask yourself is life meant to be lived like this?

  27. Its definitely better than sitting in a cave skinning a pig.

  28. Is it better than being a wild nomad? We are so domesticated.

  29. They lack decency, imagine working there!

  30. I've never had a peg snap in half, but when I have trouble pulling them out I get a thick guitar pick, hold it inside the guitar, against the bottom of the peg, and push it through. Since yours is in half you will have to push it through, until it gets loose enough then flip it over to make it fall out. Hope it doesn't get stuck in there.

  31. Oh yeah if the string is still in there, you'll want to push the string down, while you push the peg up.

  32. Thanks buddy I got it out, now just got to get a new one!

  33. I uope I can get my hand through the soundhole

  34. Stick a rag or some sponge under the strings at the bridge just enough to mute it a little.

  35. My friend lost her husband of 50 years 3 years ago, I didn't know her then. I hope I have brought some fun back to her life, I think we could be together? but I don't want to ruin our friendship by making a move and it could get tricky then.

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