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  1. Why is it sad that people are correcting for chemical imbalances?

  2. There's nothing wrong with taking Ritalin if you actually have ADHD. I'm talking about people without the condition who take it to increase productivity.

  3. If people want to increase their productivity and Ritalin helps them do it, why is that a bad thing?

  4. It's an addictive drug and when abused it can cause a series of psychological disorders

  5. "E homem abaixo de 1,70 dá pra ser chamado de homem?"

  6. Pretty face. Just drop some weight. However, you cannot and will not be every man's cup of tea even after doing that. Men love fit women...that will open up the options more.

  7. Her weight is fine, I wouldn't even call her chubby. Not every guy wants a rail-thin woman.

  8. I never understood the appeal of SUVs. Sedans are much more classy.

  9. There's a very high chance you will end up in the middle of the ocean if you press the first button. Option 2 has the highest chance of survival.

  10. The sugar is the real poison. The colorant is a minor problem

  11. Latin (without the o or a) is what I use. It includes the islands and non-spanish speaking places, while respecting genderism.

  12. Unless you're talking about ancient romans, calling someone "Latin" makes no sense. Just refer to us by our own nationalities. It's not that difficult.

  13. Entre país promíscuo e país falsamente puritano, prefiro o promíscuo. Parece que país puritano acaba criando umas bizarrice quando reprime muito a sexualidade da população, como abusos, fetiches questionáveis e até mesmo ilegais. É cheio de tarado no Japão que sexo é um assunto 😳😳😳, enquanto na França e na Alemanha, que são mais ok com sexo e nudez, são bem vanilla quando se trata de fetiche.

  14. I don't understand how car bombs would reduce inflation, but ok

  15. Se ler a matéria vê que ele fala que saúde não pode estar dentro do teto de gastos, que é necessário mudar a compreensão do que é "gasto", "custo" e "investimento"

  16. Gasto público é gasto público, independente se você considera esses gastos importantes ou não.

  17. I'm stealing this and there's nothing you can do about it

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