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  1. both zippers on my jadon max did this and then the pull tabs snapped off lmao

  2. yikes that's so bad.. i'm disappointed that these are so poorly made lol. did you replace the zips?

  3. not yet! i’m planning on taking them to a cobbler when i get the chance. perhaps a task for the weekend :,)

  4. i have a libra moon & a pisces venus. i was never gonna be tough

  5. i think a $50 smoky quartz sphere? not very expensive compared to the rest of the comments lol

  6. mannn i had these tights for like 2 years but they ripped!! i miss them. you look so cute!

  7. Mine ripped later that night 😭😭 I did get a solid 6-9 wears out of them though which is honestly better than most sheer tights I've tried.

  8. i am a whore for labradorite. my best friend has to stop me from buying more when we go to gem shows :,)

  9. i wouldn’t say i necessarily feel offended if someone doesn’t take my advice, BUT i will say i find myself offering the advice in the first place because i am action-oriented. like, it’s instinctive for me to try and solve a problem versus feeling / thinking it out all the time. but at the same time, i try not to interject when someone obvi doesn’t want to hear it. just gotta read the room.

  10. definitely. i just got a replacement pair after about 5 years and they look like these!

  11. don’t usually get along with virgo men at all. virgo women are okay but at a distance lmao. sorry virgos

  12. unsolicited advice just really pisses me off for some reason

  13. aries sun, libra moon — i’m always one degree removed from the drama but i know everything >:)

  14. Also aries sun, libra moon! Lmao my libra friend and i joke we are the nosiest bitches 😂

  15. no because why can’t i stop myself from snooping on everyone and their grandma

  16. i will literally design you a new one for free so i don’t have to look at this

  17. bestie just remember no one is really looking at you as much as you think they are. try going out in one once every other week & build from there! i used to feel the same way just a few years ago. now dresses are my fave thing to wear out and about — so easy & cute. sending all the good vibes ✨💘

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