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  1. In terms of missiles, maybe. But that's because missiles only need to make one, often short, trip and the tech for those engines has existed for decades. The moment we get into the territory of reusable vehicles, we just need to take a look at their fighter jet program to get a feel for how well their material science industry is keeping up with bleeding edge propulsion systems. They might have a concept, they may even have built a prototype (they havent) but when it comes to transportation, that thing needs to be near flawless for extended periods of flying time to be economical. This just isn't the case, and like the Concord, it will probably be a short lived project that fizzles out unless china somehow manages to skip over 30 years of engine manufacturing technology to be current and another 10 to pass where the rest of the world is right now and get where they'd need to be. That's assuming they even settle on a design, right now they're testing geometries in a wind tunnel and trying to figure out how to get a scramjet to work in near-zero atmosphere.

  2. +1 to unban if you can promise not to post your own stuff. I'm guessing that medium article is your own?

  3. Same. You used to be able to find interesting things here. Now it's just devolved into climate change and anti-capitalist posts like much of the rest of reddit (bracing for downvotes for telling the truth).

  4. It's quite sobering to see just how much China hyper-dominates every aspect of the global renewables industry. The

  5. If only they could give some clue as to what they think these "primitive notions" will be replaced with.

  6. But that is how a diesel electric locomotive train works, power is generated by diesel fuel which is sent to large electric motors to move the trains

  7. There is a difference between passing the turing test and being able to learn in real time and solve any problem a human can.

  8. I wonder if the DUP are preparing the ground for a climb down? It's inevitable they are going to have to, its just a matter of when.

  9. Interesting. He met with the DUP a few days ago, and says they said that then. The DUP almost never speak about the Benefits/Pro-EU side of the Protocol. I wonder if they are repositioning themselves for a climb down, now they know a deal looks likely.

  10. Don’t normal aeroplanes already cruise at like 900kmh? What’s the big difference ?

  11. Honestly as an observer it is really hard to imagine the capabilities of the future tech. I don't work in the trenches of the field so I don't see the incremental progress behind the scenes. I never even heard of ChatGPT until it was at its 3rd iteration. I get that the progress is exponential or at least widely accepted to be the case. I do imagine we will hit physical limitations like how much resources we're willing to commit and how detrimental that allocation would be to the economy at large vs the ecosystem vs geopolitics.

  12. Do you think AI-generated art will diminish the status of "great" art, and artists? The likes of famous names like Picasso, Rothko, Pollock, etc, etc who are put on a cultural pedestal now.

  13. I’m in Ireland and we have one pumped-storage hydroelectric plant. It pumps water to the lake at the top of a hill and it’s released through turbines in times of demand. It’s just one and suited years ago. We could do with a load more

  14. This is far more practical than tower gravity batteries that these scam companies are proposing...but they are still not the easiest idea. As some other comments mentioned, pump storage is a much better option overall.

  15. The X-37 is literally able to stay in orbit for a very long time, with the ability to carry nukes. It was first introduced in 2010, so it's not something never done before lile you said

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