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  1. Have to say physics very good and works very well as an 8 ball pool type game. I find it hard to aim on laptop but that’s my own fault because when I play 8 ball pool I start twisting my phone all over the place. Great work!

  2. Unfortunately he needs professional medical help I don’t know if he realises how delusional he is, it’s really sad to see him so aloof.

  3. No other correct answer other than Taylor. One of the few sports with an undisputed GOAT, although MVG is certainly up there as one of the best.

  4. Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980. Get on it unless your Ken Doherty jr.

  5. Looks like where the methylamine is kept.

  6. Unless you have undying passion for your animation I’d hop out of that industry and try upskill in some other and work up some ladder? Easy to say of course but.

  7. Is this the same prick in the Prius that’s been driving like a lunatic for months?

  8. Praseodymium. No reason just trust me

  9. It’s impossible to measure the position and velocity of an electron at the same time… because it’s the same little dude buzzing around! My whole life doing calculations has been based on a false narrative.

  10. I have vague memories of my youth watching Biden get elected in 2020

  11. What about masters 2016 Ronnie ☠️

  12. Would love to seem him back into a triple crown final or something of the like, fantastic player.

  13. I love Ronnie personally . Had a tough early career with his addictions and father in jail etc. Very self absorbed and quite arrogant aswell but undoubtedly the best snooker player of all time. A polarising player you love him or don’t love him, I just like him for his style of play.

  14. Yeah he is just saw it there, hopefully he makes a fool of Tubs and announces the documentary.

  15. He has played to a very high level and very unlucky not to have won another world title. Remember he lost 3 finals on a row, only last year he made it to the semis. I do agree he has underachieved though.

  16. Woking, not even close. Magic wok portion sizes let it down.

  17. Style of play and pure genius cue ball control.

  18. If you’re trying to avoid the results then just don’t go on the snooker Reddit 🤷🏻‍♂️. There must be a mute button for a period of time.

  19. Now the snooker hangover begins. I hope Ronnie’s documentary comes pretty soon.

  20. I have no idea unfortunately, there should be some release date pretty soon I’m sure.

  21. Masters 2016, Ronnie made some of the most unbelievable clearances and shots I’ve ever seen.

  22. Agreed, the first tournament I saw live and that black to the middle pocket (if you remember it). Wow.

  23. Oh I remember it crystal clear. Didn’t think that was even possible I remember seeing Stuart’s face in the back dumbstruck as if to say “ that’s not even possible what is he doing “.

  24. It’s just business 101 that viewing figures will go up massively when the greatest player to pick up a cue is playing, that includes non snooker fans too. Selby just does not have the same viewing attraction as Ronnie.

  25. I’ve got a sneaky feeling there’s another maxi in this match tomorrow.

  26. Definitely get the feeling Mark is worried about Brecel’s potting ability he hasn’t got going yet at all.

  27. I would have to disagree and say no one will top Ronnie for GOAT status but he will probably will go down as most clinical / greatest match play player ever.

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