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  1. Is it possible for me to have a DM as well? Thanks!

  2. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Sorry for not being active in the thread. Ended up finding a cheaper alternative to astrill thanks to someone's dm and am satisfied. If you need to know what it is dm me and will let you know, will stay cautious like the guy who sent it to me and only mention it by dm

  3. I know I'm super late, but can I get a pm too? Thanks!

  4. I have no idea why you would willingly move to China at this point in time.

  5. Good luck man. Sounds like you'll need it.

  6. Thanks for the guide but it’s not working. Same error code. Tried it 5 times.

  7. Hi, is it possible for you to provide a guide on how to create this instance? I have tried to create one to solve the very same error code but it fails to connect, I am not sure which part of setup I've made a mistake. Thank you in advance!

  8. I used riot ID to log in, for 3 days KDA event is showing and I’ve been clearing the missions smoothly, but this morning when I opened it, the KDA event page is gone! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. ID: lunaureus; int’l autosend 20/5 to non-zero, returns all unknown 😌

  10. If you want to add the LAA powder to each pump, what the other commenter mentioned is correct, mainly you might not reach the suitable pH for the LAA to be effective. You might want to consider other alternative antioxidants, the uncertain pH due to the addition might make the sunscreen ineffective as it can change the structure of how the sunscreen is held up to suspend the filters.

  11. Sorry! I left out some words causing some misunderstanding. I add vit C into my body lotion not my sunscreen 😅😅

  12. Actually for both body lotion or sunscreen it can be similarly affected due to the pH depending on the formulation. Just that for the body lotion, the texture or skin feel might change due to the change in pH when mixing the LAA, some synthetic thickeners may collapse or fail and liquify the lotion. The collapse of the lotion isn't the concern but rather if the sunscreen is affected in a similar way. So that would be an issue that people would have to take note when using LAA mixing with other products or if used with sunscreen.

  13. I see. Well, maybe I should look for lotion formulated with LAA then. I’m hesitant to change my lotion because I have eczema and my current lotion is my HG. But anyway, thanks! 💕

  14. ID: lunaureus, int’l gmt+8, autosend 20/7, returns all unknown.

  15. I’ve tried (and failed) to ditch my routine. Lol. Even I arrived home drunk at 5am, I would still do my skincare. I would skip meals but will not skip skincare. Apart from sleeping, I think the next thing I spend my lifetime on the most is skincare. 😂😂

  16. You’re so lucky! I’ve had my 5>4 and +gold on all the time if I’m playing manually, and the last time gold fairy visited was mid of last year and it’s only 20k...🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. Another successful story to show my friends who doesn’t believe in pharmacology!!

  18. I’m on differin for 7 months and just started .05% tret few days ago. Similar to you, so far no purge, nothing at all. When I first started differin, I was lucky enough that my retinization and purging both lasted only a month but my face got so dry and sensitive that my eczema flared up frequently until I finally found a suitable moisturiser. I was expecting to make changes to my routine to cope with any potential side effects I might encounter since I’ve decided to skip .025% straight to .05%, but seems like my moisturisers are sufficient enough for the transition 😂

  19. Rave: Ceradan Don’t know what happened but eczema has been flaring around my neck for an entire month straight. All the emollients that worked before no longer useful so I went to drugstore in search for new emollient and found this! Several days later my eczema was gone and no more flaky skin until now. But it’s too heavy for AM though.

  20. Ceradan is my HG when my eczema flares. Other times I like LRP B5 baume, Dr Jart Cicapair cream, Blackmores vit E cream, FAB ultra repair.

  21. ID: lunaureus, int’l Autosend 24/7 to non-zero, returns all unknown

  22. lunaureus, int’l. Returns all unknown, autosend hearts most of the time, GMT +8

  23. I’m on differin for the 3rd month now and my pores are nearly invisible now, only monthly 1 or 2 hormonal pimples. What I would suggest is try moisturising and see whether your skin is getting any better? For my case, differin dried the hell out of my face, I put on 3 layers of moisturisers plus occlusives to prevent my skin from peeling, skipping one layer, my face next day would peel like crazy and got all bumpy and rough.

  24. It’s actually a toner though, after cleansing before moisturisers. It didn’t shine or anything, but it made my face so plump that I can’t stop touching 🥰 FYI I have dry skin.

  25. ID: lunaureus (Int’l, GMT +8) Autosend during daytime or when I’m not playing 🔥

  26. What if my left arm is all purple and my right is half purple and half green with a tinge of blue down the vein ? 😂

  27. I ask the sales assistants in Sephora every time I dropped in, they all gave different answer each time 😂 but I find some products for cool undertone work well for me but some for neutral tones worked as well 🤷🏻‍♀️ so I guess I have to stick back to trial and error😂😂

  28. I mixed my TO Niacinamide with watery serums/essences. I’ve always pump serum first onto my palm then drop the niacinamide within the serum and mix. If I drop niacinamide first then only serum, it pills! Also, apply it by tapping instead of rubbing helps to prevent pilling too.

  29. I have skin peeling around the nose and mouth area from using epiduo. But I continue to use it by buffering with moisturiser then topped with creams, oils, sleeping mask and aquaphor during the night and the peeling stopped. Although it does come back sometimes when I’m being lazy and I have nothing to blame but myself 😂

  30. I have skin flaking off around the mouth too when I first started differin. I use FAB Ultra Repair Cream followed up with Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and seal it up with Laneige Water Bank Sleeping Mask. I would let my face to absorb the products and dry for around 1-2 hours then apply Vaseline to the flaky areas before going to bed. I have oily T zone, but the combination of these did not cause any breakouts for me.

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