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  1. why is no one saying BLUE?? hello????? one of my all time favs 😌

  2. Give me love, give me dreams, give me a good self esteem !!

  3. Honestly this is why I don't know that I agree with censoring pro ed stuff on social media because it just shows up regardless but now its not being called what it is.

  4. i get what you’re saying tho, ironically pinterest is one of the most censored platforms but even they wouldnt be able to differentiate between innocuous health/fitness vs pro ana.. it all kind of blurs together sometimes

  5. covers my BAB eevee’s ears shh i know you’re a little ugly dont worry about it

  6. okay but when my pets all had fleas years ago we had to do this painstakingly to look for them 😭

  7. The reason I got my IUD is because my mom saw something like this when I was 16 😭😭😭 oh the horrors

  8. Awww friend you are too sweet 🥹♥️ unfortunately while the noodles were a little bland (but otherwise, bomb) the dumplings didn’t thrive so well in the freezer and were kinda dry and chewy 😭 unexpected plans this morning had me make something quick instead of what i had planned so i didn’t have enough time to make something truly good

  9. we would have had NO IDEA ur presentation is always

  10. your cart setup looks great this reminds me i always want one whenever i see them at michaels 😅

  11. i was so confused why people were saying this wasn’t a good deal but then i realized that’s probably in USD

  12. seriously what did she see that provoked this tweet it’s such a non issue 😭

  13. i also discovered her through the Oh No! feature in Just Dance 4, lmao

  14. on a similar journey this year and it surprised me to realize 15 pounds is a whole bowling ball! cheers💞

  15. should we be glad they excluded the child characters? the bar is on the floor fr

  16. the ethos of that entire sub is that if you have any condition in the DSM you aren’t allowed to be happy

  17. this is giving stanzi potenza. i don’t think she’s autistic i just love edgy bitches. OP u are a chad I’m sorry ppl didn’t get the joke 😤😤

  18. omg the shoes are really cute too ☺️ this is such a look

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