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Is it cruel, to have cat just inside? This makes me sad

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AITA for telling my husband he can go on a trip with his sister on his own, if he wants to cancel our trip to join theirs?

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I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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  1. I can just imagine them having made up conversations with them as if they are actually escorting them places. Truly delusional.

  2. I'm so sorry, I know how you feel, I lost my mum last year and the run up to any events, especially Christmas is rotten.

  3. The guy in red shirt is the embodiment of gammon

  4. 5th now that’s hilarious. I’ll just count 5 countries with better gdp and are not the top 5 in Europe. Ready? Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain and Italy, Russia?! Hell even Turkey has better GDP hahaha

  5. Let the xenophobic comments roll. The fact that Saudi is doing great in every aspect is triggering a lot of jealousy.

  6. How are they doing great lol? They will probs be eliminated now

  7. Haha they're our neighbours and all 3 hang about together. The grey is such a friendly placid cat but the other one is just a wee kitten so it's very wary. Still doesn't stop it eating treats when put out mind you.

  8. I think the only time we weren't the baddies was WW2 and let's be honest, the nazis were only emulating what the British empire did, just a bit closer to home.

  9. Its depressing honestly. People couldn't even see their final goodbyes to their loved ones who died during covid, and these arseholes were swanning off having affairs and parties during the absolute height of it. Its sickening this has been forgotten. Why are politicians held to a lower standard than the rest of us? Especially tories? And then this toff prick swans off to do I'm a celeb whilst leaving his constituents during one of the worst cost of living crisis in living memory? It beggars belief and I am sick of it.

  10. Allow them to delude themselves. They're so far entrenched in the propaganda that they think flag shagging and being a subject to a king is being patriot. Whilst they get absolutely shafted by the establishment and just sit getting teary eyed over Britain. Talk about an echo chamber...

  11. Miguel beats everyone in the sekai tekai final and everyone is cheering but Kreese shouts "god darn it why can't I beat you god darn miyagi do swines"

  12. I have a Dell but had it before starting and I basically just use Chrome to store all my notes and docs etc so you'll be absolutely fine with a chrome book considering the modules you're looking at.

  13. They were probably absolutely steaming causing a ruckus and somebody told them to go home and sleep it off. This sounds like utter bollocks, or more like someone doubling down over their own dubious behaviour. I’m obv Scottish but not from Edinburgh, anytime I’ve been people are always lovely. They should be when it’s 6 quid a pint mind you.

  14. They want their star back? Too fucking late. Why would the EU even want to take us back after all the shit we’ve caused?

  15. I reckon they would probably take us back but we would never have as good a deal as we did (still better than this shit show though)

  16. When the country has gone so far to the right centre right seems far left

  17. The French just do not give a fuck. We could learn so much.

  18. The no voting gammons up here will somehow make this a bad thing. Can’t wait to see what they come out with.

  19. I voted No; and intend to again - but I do think it is a good thing she is going.

  20. Yeah don’t get me wrong I have nothing against people voting no if that’s what they intend to do but you know exactly the type of nutter I’m on about haha.

  21. There was mental anti vaxxers a few weeks back in Glasgow. Some sort of rapper was on was pretty surreal.

  22. Tell him you are voting the Green Party because you care about the environment, and you agree with the protestors and the strikes etc. Something as simple as that is enough to trigger tories/gammons

  23. I’ve had 3 outdoor cats nimrod lives for 16 years sharp 19 ( deceased )and felix is currently 18 we have gizmo 1.5 and 2 kittens at 8 months each they are all free cats eg a cat flap some love it out some don’t I feel it’s cruel IMO to keep cats in idk where tf u got the half lifespan stats from source ?

  24. I agree. If humans lived inside and done nothing they would live for longer too, but what way is that to live? I don’t understand why people don’t let their cats out.

  25. As many others are saying, cats can live fulfilled lives from inside. Owners just need to put a little more effort into caring for their cats. There's no evidence that cats get "depressed" from being kept inside. You're just imposing your human perspective onto animals that are, you guessed it, not human. Please don't assume on the behalf of all cats.

  26. 29 minutes is a long time in the Conservative party evidently.

  27. Are you serious? Of course YTA. You sound incredibly selfish and self centred. No wonder your husband is sulking.

  28. God damn it you got there before me

  29. I don’t even know what to say to that

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