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  1. Lol I can't even recall the last time I got complimented by someone my age. It just never happens

  2. I get a different result every time. Not sure why. But it’s always some variation of INF/T/P/J

  3. We invited one more family over to our house and I got drunk for the first time ever. Never had what's considered a "real 18th birthday party" though

  4. There are so many things to live for (just think about your family and your friends and all the nice experiences that may be awaiting you), and there is much more to life than having a high IQ. I am sure that you have at least one talent that me, and most other people in this sub would be jealous of (as someone else mentioned, you write very very well). We are all made to be different. There are no humans who are objectively bad, there are no humans who are objectively good. We're all just individuals. There is no superior and inferior.

  5. Yes I have the same thing. Like for me it feels worthless when other people don't notice me (mostly because on one hand people don't care, but on the other they do for some reason admire certain persons). I know this mindset is bad but it is hard for me to change it :(

  6. Don't worry, in the 20's and after that, age won't matter as much for most people

  7. I am even scared of ordering food because I know that I will always have to repeat everything at least 2 times 😭

  8. Idc, I will have my own views no matter if others like it or not. But it can be nice to get to know the other people's opinions

  9. I'd say visual and verbal creativity has always been a strong suit of mine. No I don't do anything creative for a living. I don't want to. I'd rather do it for myself. If others enjoy it and want to pay me for it, I won't argue, but it's not something I'm actively pursuing for money.

  10. How did you do it? I constantly feel the pressure to do things for other people rather than myself, and that my potential will go to waste if I do it just for myself :(

  11. For me it's very widespread. It includes a lot of different fields (the 4 you mentioned as well). Not something I would recommend though because it makes it very hard for me to make future plans, amongst all.

  12. bi_irl try not to post blatantly lesbian things for 5 seconds challenge

  13. If I gotta be honest, lately there are so many exclusively mlm memes in the top and they are embraced.

  14. In addition to what's already been said, I've also seen people defending the r-word

  15. My theory is that's because the protagonist is a female yandere. 10-15 yo otaku girls usually pass through this "I'm so crazzzzzzzzy, I'm a kawaii yandere obsessed with blood and my senpai, the love of my life. I would do anything for him 😍😍😍" after their brains rot when they discover shit like Mirai Nikki, and this game makes that yandere fantasy come true. The cartoony appearance and vivid colors of the game don't help either.

  16. Uhh tbh for me it was just reading a text over and over a few times. Then after I woke up the next day I remembered almost everything.

  17. One example is me. Despite me using every social media network (I have FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Tumblr, Flickr, Weibo, and of course, YouTube), I mainly follow tech influencers (80% of people I follow are tech related) (such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, MKBHD, Linus Tech Tips, Unbox Therapy, MrWhoseTheBoss, etc) and the only non-influencer (only one person) I follow is my closest friend (who is my older cousin). I have less than 20-30 followers each (almost all of them are random people) on each platform with the exception for YouTube. One of the purposes for me using these social media network (mostly, I am on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and rarely on Snapchat, TikTok, Tumblr, Flickr, Weibo) is not only to watch some tech news or political news, but also, to explore these apps in depth (kind of like me exploring the internet or Windows or programming) since I am thinking of creating another social media app/startup in the near future, so I basically use these to take a look at all the features.

  18. Whoa, you want to create your own app? Dang that sounds amazing truly :D

  19. Yes, that is my purpose for having so many social media apps. I am 21 and just graduated from computer science at a university in Boston. I am introverted and same with my older sister, who is now 32 years old. I was born in East Asia by the way, but it seems like many of my international student friends (I just became naturalised citizen of the US last year) only have 30-200 followers on social media (like me), whilst many of my American classmates at my private school have at least 1000-2000 (sometimes) followers on Instagram. Both my sister and I don't have many followers on Instagram (<100 each) (I am a male by the way, so I might be more geared up towards Reddit/Discord). In fact, I don't even follow my sister on social media and only follow the one cousin who is my closest friend.

  20. Yeah, now there are more and more people who just don't care that much for followers. And yup, for sole communication Discord is much better.

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