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  1. I was happy with just 2 teams. I like college football being different than pro. However that ship sailed long ago.

  2. Not most…but some damn good teams certainly would have.

  3. Regular season games are almost meaningless now

  4. Some mild Boston vibes on Dwellers too!

  5. Oh yeah. Lots of nuggets from everywhere on their stuff. Just this one part was killing me to figure out. Sounded like something from Lumpy Gravy

  6. Circles Around the Sun - Interludes for the Dead

  7. Actually Blue Funk T is really fun at parties.

  8. Cardiacs - the undisputed GOAT. Zappa+Peter Gabriel (young, interesting Peter Gabriel)+The Young Ones+Unicorn flavored nougat.

  9. I see UK as being a big issue in a few years.

  10. So... this isn't to shit on your taste.. I just want to have the conversation..

  11. Can’t argue. At this point in his career you’re either on the Bob train or off.

  12. Eh…Georgia got more responses than USC.

  13. All time?? That’s tough. I’m going:

  14. Even IF he had/has an off game, that mother fucker has beers on me for life after “the pick six”

  15. I’m sure he’ll rest easy with that knowledge.

  16. I meannnnnn it's hard to root against the school on my diploma but I have been low-key cheering for usc this year! it's been nice seeing coach beamer succeed

  17. She was a chameleon. Tai, pre-and-post makeover in Clueless, LuAnn Platter, and some of her later blonde bombshell/starlet roles; she could handle them all with aplomb.

  18. I’d offer her aplomb was only bested by her heuristic sensitivity.

  19. Love the Hoop Hounds…hope the new coach can get the program on the right track.

  20. Hmmmm…ok. Hard to argue against it.

  21. Baron Vladimir Harkonen about to take over the surface of that thing

  22. Still a crime Utah took the name Jazz, aint no jazz in Utah like in NOLA

  23. I beg to differ…dudes get off in Utah just the same as here …

  24. Didn't Tim say it was the record he was most proud of? I thought I read that somewhere. Fanny is one of the best songs ever written imo

  25. I think I read that too way back when.

  26. It’s truly amazing how EVERY release by Tim can evoke such feelings of wonder. Pony is the most recent one I discovered as well. Totally on par with the best of Cardiacs! Especially Fanny and Oh!!

  27. I loved those shows…and have the scars to prove it!

  28. Will second everything said before and add not to skip the live albums and available live video.

  29. It looks as though you may have spelled "Chick-fil-A" incorrectly. No worries, it happens to the best of us!

  30. My only concern heading into next season is how much in game experience Beck didn’t get this year. Ya we all know this man can drop dimes, i just wish he had more in game experience building a chemistry with the offense for next year. With that being said i’m sure we’ll be fine. Beck looks like the quarterback that’ll take this offense to the next level.

  31. How do we all know he can drop dimes?

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