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  1. I just did the tasting and tour at the factory today!! Apparently they make their own bitters… which is why thIs flavour takes 7 days to brew.

  2. I used to ride one of these babies to school everyday when I was on exchange in Thailand in the late 90s.

  3. Yup… but my mum (who worked for customs) couldn’t come in and my dad had a boring sales job.

  4. BMW Australia put an ad in the local paper, announcing that some fake bimmers had been found in the Aussie market. You could tell yours was fake if the badge was mirrored… or you could bring it to BMW to be checked.

  5. I don’t use it, cause it’s illegal. If it were legalised, I’d happily eat a cookie rather than drink a beer.

  6. Just sayin’… Hong Kong for the win! Woohoo! At least we’re top of the list for something! And we’re winning by like 8 points! We’re winning by more points than Brisbane even has!

  7. Assuming the dragon is fairly old… the dragon wins, hands down, every time.

  8. It was shit the few times I tried it..

  9. Don't bring a gun to a knife fight Horizon!

  10. OP, We are subbed to at least 2 of the same channels!

  11. Last election I voted in was when I voted to become a republic.

  12. The way that Octane is moving is 100% a script/config file to ‘Neo strafe’.

  13. gross... what the fuck is wrong with these people!

  14. Calmly.. waiting to see how the case plays out. Listening to the evidence and rationally considering the facts. /s

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