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  1. OMG i did this today too!!! Huge NSV win for us both today hahahaaa

  2. After we moved to the Netherlands, I made an offhand comment to some local friends about how busy I was. Their immediate response was to look genuinely concerned for me and say, “you should really learn to manage your time better”.

  3. Gonna start doing this in the US, lol imagine the outrage of the perpetually busy!

  4. Came here to say this. You beat me to it. My fathers fave and my fave book of all time.

  5. WAIT AND HOPE i cry. Tomorrow is the 5th of October, and i always reread the last chapter on that date.

  6. By learning to enjoy my own company, which meant doing the actual work on my mental health (so I liked hanging out in my own head), developing solitary hobbies (watercolors, gardening, writing, reading, walking, etc). I am still working on building rituals at certain times of day to help out even more.

  7. Thyme and sage for respitory illnesses. Specifically coughing. I am prone to pulmonary issues and this year when I got covid I couldn't get to the store for meds, i consulted my herbal remedies book and learned English Thyme was an old cure (in tea form). I did that and it was hella effective. 10/10 would use again.

  8. I'm excited to try this! I keep thyme and sage for food but haven't made tea from them.

  9. The Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine by Andrew Chevallier!!

  10. This is true for me! Always less hungry on days i exercise, especially if i do HIIT. The sole exception is swimming. I'm a bottomless pit if I swim, and I have no idea why.

  11. Me, after finishing Crashed Landing on You loved every second of that show, and loved every character.

  12. Stanley Tucci's best character. Made me wish he was my dad!

  13. Thw Decoy Bride. It's fluffy and goofy and rom com campy, but I still love the crap out of it. "Griddled puffin? On a Friday?!"

  14. John Oliver's little webisode on Octopuses (not octopi) was a joy to watch. They are the beeeeeest.

  15. Amazing!!! What size planter do you have your bush in?

  16. Prenups are also an excellent way to talk through how you and your partner plan to split/share expenses. They also make it easier to be transparent with each other about assets you each have before you get married.

  17. It's also worth noting that pre-nups are in place for all marriages already: they are the de facto divorce laws of the state. So I've never appreciated the State deciding how my divorce will go. My partner and I will decide, and have a plan IF we ever need it.

  18. Academic rigor is worth the uphill battle. You can still accommodate for different needs and interests, but a lot of kids can be taught more in depth.

  19. Traditional lawns that need constant maintenance and watering are stupid and negatively affect the environment.

  20. Not to mention how much better for the bees to plant something like native clover! Or if you wanna garden how great it is to be more self reliant and grow your own food!! Families can grow a lot on a standard 1/4 acre lot if HOAs just GTFO.

  21. I second Hoka! I’m at 370, 5’7 and they’re a bit bouncy but super supportive. Very sturdy, prevent fatigue from walking around all day, prevent ankle rolling which is a problem for me. They’re great and come in wide sizes! Also have a large toe box if that is a problem for you when finding shoes.

  22. I'm thirding Hoka! Especially if you are ankle-injury prone. I was put off by the shoe because i thought they looked like duck feet, but i tell ya, those shoes keep me stable and it's like walking on a cloud!! I'm VERY thrifty, but I'll drop $$$ on those. Worth every penny.

  23. NTA, send her the message back where she said she was fine with lilies, then ask her why she tried to kill her boyfriend.

  24. INFO: is your sister's boyfriend Niles Crane? /s

  25. Read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and follow the homework. Life changing. Career changing.

  26. I did Body For Life 12 as well! It taught me so much and was super effective.

  27. TAMORA PIERCE still having a firm grip on my heart well into my 30s

  28. Numair set my expectations for nerdy, gentle, older men. I mean, if my boyfriend can't turn his enemies into an apple tree, what's the point??

  29. You might be confusing total energy expenditure with what your monitor is saying. I think the amount you burned just came from you existing, not 1500 + you existing

  30. Oh, i know it's just 1500 total. Not an additional expenditure. 1500 in 10hrs is still higher than I thought it would be.

  31. I see a lot of people with seemingly happy partnerships but at least a lot of them I see that the man doesnt see her as an equal. I see women making excuses for men and telling themselves they are happy and in love but then they seem...tired? Or at least they seem to not shine as much. I feel women just fall into "it is what it is" and have mediocre marriages because they dont know any better.

  32. That first paragraph describes what I've seen happen to a few of my friends. They used to be so vibrant and full or life, it's like they glowed. And now they're...not shimmery. They definitely look run down and tired. And it makes me so sad.

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