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  1. Having seen and read a dozen cold war USA/Soviet submarine battle/tracking stories there was a great deal of familiarity when they were in the brown dwarf.

  2. Can someone remind me as I am having trouble googling it. Would being post covid give you and exemption to the mask mandate if you are still in the 3(?) Month post infection where you were exempt from close contact status again?


  4. What will you do when they stop reporting the numbers?

  5. How are they able to analyse which sections of society voted for who when its a secret vote, and the actual counting is still underway?

  6. Can analyze votes by booth and crosscheck with the ABS census on what proportion of people are from China, Vietnam, India etc.


  8. I've been the sickest I've been in the last 3 years over the weekend, and tested negative to both a RAT and a PCR. I can't imagine being more sick than I was on Saturday.

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