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  1. VSF, have had a VSF DJ and Sub for some time, recently purchased a CF Daytona , the chronograph wasn’t functioning properly upon arrival.

  2. I would gladly but I don't advise using me if you are stateside, there are plenty of trusted watchsmiths in the USA who I'm sure would be happy to accommodate

  3. Ordered this this watch from Eric at Geektime, $838. Placed order on Wednesday, QC photos received on Friday, shipped yesterday. Eric is amazing.

  4. Theonewatches has it at 498 $ , and you love dealing with Steve

  5. Steve is the man, purchased a DJ from him last month, great experience, great watch.

  6. You got a number or site for this guy?

  7. I see that 4 others have responded and all have given you the GL...and with upvotes.

  8. Received my VSF DJ41 126330 yesterday, first rep purchase. Took 17 days from order to receipt. Great experience with Steve and Theonewatches. Great looking watch!

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