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  1. Im assuming you make tips on top of that? Im a server/bartender and my restuarant gets super slow from Jan-Apr (like alot of places with outdoor seating in the northeast), and figured being something like a starbucks barista would be right up my alley.

  2. yes i get around $1.50-1.80 extra an hour in cash tips plus digital and card tips

  3. Pastry items are allowed to be sold from the case; given that the case is clean and refrigerated as it’s supposed to be. Sandwiches though, can not be sold from the case

  4. every day that she is scheduled except for when she’s at a meeting somewhere. she is either put on bar or cs

  5. at least once a month. and the customers never say anything they just stand there watching it overflow😭 i have adhd and horrible short term memory loss i will forget about it

  6. If they're too lazy to do something so simple, they shouldn't get a share of the credit card tips. Simple as that. If you don't want to pitch in with the team, you don't deserve the benefits when everyone else is doing the work.

  7. for real:( i’m busting my ass on bar because nobody else can do it and i’m never on drive which i would love, i love drive through and it’s not fair that i’m not getting that money that i am working hard for that we would get if i was on drive through just because they can’t do bar

  8. have they not done the training yet? if they haven’t they may not know. that happened the first few days we got it before we did the training.

  9. no because i’m busting my ass for 8 hours i will be playing my own music <3 jazz music is not going to make baristas work any faster

  10. well i think anyone who goes on zoom calls or any sort of phone call inside the cafe is an asshole🤷🏼 i don’t know when it became acceptable to not take your phone calls outside

  11. oh my god do you actually do this? this is a novel idea!

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