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  1. I'm gonna have to say this is satire. "Liquid dairy" is just way too stupid for this to be serious.

  2. how much would this help? The dollar would deflate and make it stronger, and inconvenience us by now having to barter and trade everything. There would also be the issue of almost everything becoming more difficult to get as trying to convince China or some other country to take millions of animal skins for oil, cars, and phones.

  3. I was thinking more about establishing a new currency just to screw an entire country's government over if they're being real assholes. Think a dictatorship that's been oppressing the people. Everyone bands together somehow and absolutely takes it all down to shit.

  4. you have described crypto, but just like all currency, it is worth something because we say it is. Bitcoin, NFTs, and other cryptocurrencies are all worthless, even less because there is nothing physical, but is worth the current price because we say it is.We could do transactions with red leaves, we don't because there is no way of validity

  5. I didn't mean all forms of currency, that would be completely bonkers and out of question entirely, I meant a single form of currency, as in a singular currency.

  6. Making it 50 would make the meme itself looks a little unusual, so I took 2 out, and then north Korea was a necessary addition so took Cali out for that one.

  7. Is by the region the phone was sold. If was in Thailand is mostly region C636.

  8. So today i got a prompt asking for update. turns out it was a 4.7GB update to EMUI 12. was surprised Huawei still cares about 3yo phone after all so i installed it. i've heard about the dreadful Android 12 new notification panel and here it is.

  9. The keyword is, don't. You've said you didn't have a driver's license there either, and Pakistani roads are a whole different breed. Also I have no idea why any car rental places would actually let you rent a car without checking your license first.

  10. You’re not fully aware of what is happening. Please educate yourself first. Ill try to give you some highlights because I don’t like saying “google it”.

  11. If nukes are involved, then is it really worth it to try and get Kashmir?

  12. It’s not about getting it back. It’s about doing what the people of Kashmir want and it doesn’t seem like it’s to be part of Pakistan (My source is interviews of soldiers who have been stationed there). Also if we say fuck it and let them have Kashmir, what makes you think they will stop there?

  13. Ah yes, the soldiers stationed there. Which side of the soldiers are we talking, the Pakistanis or the Indians? I'm pretty sure the answers would vary, wouldn't you say? And wasn't India also the one who put their side into complete lockdown for God knows how long, and I'm too lazy to search it up. Other than politics and instability in some cases I guess we could say, isn't Kashmir also overwhelmingly Muslim? And the BJP hasn't made any efforts to make themselves look any better either, the lockdown also probably didn't help. Pakistan also wouldn't wanna take out their own troops as it would leave them completely open for a possible attack or takeover of Kashmir, which wouldn't be very good and be pretty irresponsible overall on their side. I'm rather sure that the Indians probably also wouldn't specifically want a vote happening as their popularity in Kashmir has been highly wavering for a while now and isn't giving them a clear cut majority vote for them. But again, it's all the perception we see on the media, Pakistani side will see the Indians committing injustices, Indian side would see Pakistani side being fraudulent. It's how the media works, it's all based on perception and whose eyes you're looking at the situation from.

  14. Only europe is no world war. And best would be all vs china

  15. The problem here is, that you aren't looking to things in a way that suits rulers of a country. You have a deluded opinion because you think they're Muslim, that they're always good and shi. The Taliban have commited atrocities against many. They've completely wiped Afghanistan's once sprawling Jewish population. They aren't fit to rule a country as much as you're the son of the rightful heir to the throne of Sher Shah Suri. They have no actual qualifications or anything that can help them. You don't work a country out by saying we'll let Allah help us. God helps those that help themselves, you can't actually expect Allah to come and govern your country quite literally, help uphold the economy, try to keep people fed outwardly do you? He can easily do it all, there is no doubt, but if the men that are supposed to be are sitting around like a bunch of lazy good for nothings and they've left millions of people at the doors of practical death, with their lives being an uncertainty, do you actually think they are fit to govern in any way, shape or form whatsoever?

  16. Ah yes, of course, my apologies, do not even try to check anything, if anyone ever says anything negative about your own opinions, make sure to tell them that they're wrong even if you know next to nothing about the actual topic other than your own baseless opinions.

  17. I have to fight a techie superhero fire monster with drip. I'm fucking done for.

  18. Unfortunately a masjid shooting happened there as well. I can't remember what followed up but it was something along the lines of that the government was gonna make it seem that the terrorist that shot up the masjid was mentally unstable, and the outrage was that that happens with people like them that it's the terrorist is mentally unstable but when a Muslim does it, we are all terrorists.

  19. I respect what you're saying but how did you comment on this?? Reddit archives posts after 6 months doesn't it??

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