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My wife had cookies made to celebrate my vasectomy.

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nord stream gas leakage

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Riggleman: White House switchboard called a Capitol rioter on January 6

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  1. Prolly bc the eau at the end makes it look french and the French language is naturally yucky

  2. How is french yucky? It's a beautiful language.

  3. Found the 'Murican that only speaks one language.

  4. Don't do thralls until you can spec 20 to authority and get the well trained perk. Almost no point in doing thralls without 20 points invested. Kit yourself in armor that does bonus damage for followers. Kit your thrall in armor that does strength damage. Give them the best mace you can get. Ajas or nortic is a good goal or sword of the adventurer. Go and farm the crock boss in newb river oasis to farm for the weapons.

  5. America's Test Kitchen torture tested a bunch of stand mixers and still rated the KA Classic highly. I have no experience with the new ones, but ATK seems generally to be reliable. I'm sure the Ankarsrum is nice, and perhaps the best choice for a serious bread baker, but they are almost 4x the price. That said, my 1983 Classic was almost as expensive in 2022 dollars. I paid $185 then for a factory refurb, which would be $525 today.

  6. I've destroyed 3 KA in the last 5 years making bread. I have a few friends that have had similar results.

  7. My issue is that I feel like I shouldn't have to wait between batches. I can run my ank through 10kg of dough and not need to stop to cool it down.

  8. Thats what i call my wifes vag. She laughs. She doesn't know the reddit story.

  9. Oo yeah baby I want you to explode all over this tissue and then go flush it down the toilet

  10. Tissues stick to your dick. Use a wet wipe instead

  11. Eh. I couldn't find a medical reason to cut my son's genitalia, so I didn't. Seems an odd thing to argue as necessary for 'cleanliness' when the physical truth is, a baby's foreskin is not even retractable = he wasn't exposed to any more germs by soiling his diaper than any other baby.

  12. Most people mutilate the dick so it matches daddies, which is a weird fucking reason.

  13. !! Another highly heard response I got from other parents. Almost forgot that one.

  14. Right? I'm glad my parents didn't mess with my penis when I was a baby. I'm big on bodily autonomy, so I think it is plain wrong to make cosmetic body choices for children.

  15. I spent more than I should have. After we got married, the wife found the receipt and was upset I'd spent so much on the ring. She said she would have been fine with a small solitaire on a thin white gold band. (Which would have been about 1/4 the cost). It was more about the symbolism for her, and not the glitter. She wanted to marry me for me, and not the ring.

  16. Just don't apply for them. The jobs and pay will be shit anyways

  17. We took the kids outta school mid week to spend a few days here. The place is absolutely empty. We've had the beaches and all ammenities to ourself.

  18. End of season. It's to be expected. Drone permit hard to get in a provincial park?

  19. I just asked the lady at the desk and she said it was fine since no one was around, and to not be an idiot. They don't allow it during peak season for obvious reasons. I kept it to 5 minutes and shut it down.

  20. I used to have that opinion too, but the problem with that is a vasectomy doesn’t protect a woman from having a baby. A vasectomy protects a man from impregnating his sexual partners. If for some reason the relationship ends, her ex’s vasectomy isn’t going to help her. And more importantly, if she’s ever raped her husband/boyfriends vasectomy sure as hell doesn’t do her any good. Contrary to the beliefs of republican lawmakers, the woman’s body does not have a a way to “shut that whole thing down” in the case of rape.

  21. I also apologize if my comments came across as mansplaining, that wasn't my intent.

  22. I absolutely respect that decision of yours, and I grieve the necessity that you feel the need to take such steps to keep yourself safe. Reproductive freedom in the USA is scary. You folks have little recourse in many states. I hope things improve for you soon.

  23. My ex-wife didn't like when I went down on her because she was convinced I was only doing it in a transactional nature. She didn't like giving blow jobs, and in her mind I only did it because I was looking for one. Definitely not the case, I just like giving that much pleasure.

  24. My wife doesn't like giving BJs. She likes getting eaten out, I enjoy eating her out. She practices her kegals a lot, so can do crazy internal things during sex that feel incredible. It's a fair tradeoff imo.

  25. Bring it to HR. Implying someone has a small brain is a minor infraction.

  26. Sure, but they can point to these nonsensical metrics and say "Hey upper management, my team has 500 more lines of code than team 2, we're 15% more productive!" And then upper management (who also doesn't know how programming works) looks favorably at them.

  27. They should praise efficient code, not volume. Code is so bloated now.

  28. Seems like you need an auto clicking mouse mover program

  29. I mean if everyone thinks they run big but they fit you TTS then maybe it’s really the shape of your feet. Anyway it frustrates me seeing Canada West has the potential and yet, they are not able to overtake Blundstone in Canada. Maybe they just don’t target the mass market here after all.

  30. Canada west concentrates mostly on large contracts with the canadian armed forces, and other large corporations.

  31. What is nord stream? I assume this is LNG? How many cubic feet per hour is being released?

  32. It was enough to supply a large chunk of Europe.

  33. Apparently russia stopped sending gas in August because "western sanctions were causing technical difficulties". Sweden seismologists detected blasts consistent with 100kg of dynamite in the area. Sounds like this was sabotage.

  34. Probably the first legit mildly infuriating post I've seen that deserves the title.

  35. I left most social media about 6 months ago. Life is better without the influx of bullshit from FB, twitter, an all the news agencies that capitalize on social media.

  36. Personally, I'm more of a cat and titties guy

  37. Im the opposite. CC are nothing but a distraction to my ADHD brain.

  38. I too have ADHD, but it's the opposite. I need the subtitles or else I miss so many lines.

  39. For me personally, I feel like I sort of subconsciously read the captions the moment they appear which means I have to focus less on processing the meaning of the dialogue as it happens and can spend more mental bandwidth on looking at what else is going on in the scene, listening to the speaker's tone, seeing their body language, etc. I definitely feel like I absorb everything better with subtitles on.

  40. That's a pretty accurate description of how it is for me.

  41. There’s been a lot here. But I think there has to be a real private conversation between you and Janie about how she’s acting.

  42. You're essentially fining her for a mistake. Kids make mistakes all the time, and fining them for the mistakes just doesn't work at all. All it does is foster an attitude of "if i can pay the fine, i can do the crime" which is not what you want to foster in kids in my opinion.

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