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The only thing I found while metal detecting in rural Australia last week

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  1. But she might. And you can’t stop her. Because she’s an adult and can do what she wants.

  2. No one is trying to stop him, we are just saying it’s gross that a 50 year old would want someone 30+ years younger than him.

  3. That's a wild accusation. There are states with child brides so clearly.if he wanted to be with a way younger girl he could be .

  4. He has been dating younger and younger so there’s no saying that he won’t eventually go to those states

  5. Why white Christian love? There are no Christians among blacks or Asians? Or did Jesus ask to hate others? And if not, when someone is being a racist, aren’t they cease to be Christians?

  6. especially because I’ve definitely noticed that asians tend to hate Muslims much more frequently, at least around me,

  7. This Old Tony's latest video is about exact this problem!

  8. I checked for that. I get around .002” of runout in mine

  9. Yeah, I genuinely hope that 100% of the instigators aren't able to fly for a long time. Total trash behavior.

  10. If you fight like this on a flight it’s pretty much always on the no flight list. Which means no airline is gonna let them fly again. IDK if it’s permanent but I know the FAA doesn’t fuck around so probably

  11. Dont some airlines just do non assigned tickets?

  12. Yes but there’s almost always an option to choose seats (of course it costs extra)

  13. It would fix it but getting millions of people on board for that is essentially impossible unless the economy completely collapses

  14. Speaking of which, have you ever noticed that banned book lists never ban Mein Kampf?

  15. Because it’s a very important part of history. Just like it would be wrong to ban the communist manifesto.

  16. God I fucking hate Reddit for this shit sometimes. Anything that questions a knee jerk reaction and suddenly whoever asked it or corrected misinformation is immediately labeled as if they are in full support of whatever is being hated on. Like I get there are a lot of bad actors out there but why constantly assume the worst, it drives people away. The right preys on this shit, convincing people the left just over reacts and turns on anyone who questions the narrative, thats how they have been expanding into younger audiences. It literally helps no one to do this, just risks pushing people away. Unless the person this is in response to is some theDonald outcast and posts shit that falls in line with being an alt right incel, then there’s no reason to jump to that conclusion.

  17. Do you know where all of your logs come from? Wait, don't answer that...

  18. This is mail fraud in the us and USPS does not fuck around

  19. I looked up the word pathetic online, and the explanation was

  20. Look, I hate the whiny little trump wannabe as much as the next guy but facts are facts, he was attacked and he defended himself. He should not have been there in the first place but at the end of the day he was still attacked first. Can’t just ignore facts because the other side is a piece of shit.

  21. But why was he attacked? Because he shouldn’t have been there. And definitely shouldn’t have been there trying to intimidate with his rifle.

  22. That doesn’t matter. They still attacked him. I fully believe he wanted a conflict when he got there but at the end of the day they attacked him, he didn’t make anyone do anything. You wouldn’t blame someone for being robbed or killed because they were somewhere they didn’t belong

  23. Let’s create a fake issue, freak everyone out about it and then present a bold solution to the issue that never existed in the first place.

  24. Gas stoves aren’t even common in Florida because we don’t have as many gas lines running everywhere. You can get a gas stove if you want but you will probably need a gas line installed, if there’s even access close by.

  25. Once they have the money, nobody matters. Not you, not the other employees, not the customers. Nobody. Sure, order online, oh there's a touch of a wait no biggie. No, no there's no refunds asshole. Sit and wait. You'll be back and we both know it.

  26. Online ordering sucks 90% of the time anyway. My roommate ordered us Burger King one morning and I went to go pick it up, “sorry our fryers are down, can’t complete the order”, ok whatever, I’ll go to a different one, so they resend the order and I go to another “sorry we don’t serve lunch until 11:30” every other BK starts at 10 but ok, one last time we try and the BK isn’t even open.

  27. The big question is why is porn the most vital part of AI progression that can possibly stop it.

  28. Every form of new consumer grade technology ultimately leads to more ways to jerk it.

  29. As my boss likes to say, "We can make it, but it's gonna be expensive."

  30. That’s why working in government shops is great, cost doesn’t matter at all

  31. Looks like it could be cast and then finish machined too

  32. Very true, my parents bought their home in 1991 for $125k. Now, 125k is just a down payment.

  33. That has more to do with real estate companies buying up houses for rentals and many cities having shitty zoning laws that don’t allow more housing to be built

  34. He's gonna be literally hunched over like a goblin, too, that sounds terrible.

  35. Looks like a mechanical keyboard to so his wife is just gonna have to listen to clicky clacks all day long

  36. I would never trust a homemade compression system. Don’t fuck with compressed gasses

  37. The compressor would be manufactured. Connecting a motor to it via sheaves & belt is no issue. It is using the condenser as a cooler which would be rated for much higher pressure than its pumping for building air pressure. The propane tank or whatever it was is going to be rated for at least 200psi. Other than the exposed belt system & sketchy switch, the mechanics of this are perfectly sound. If you can’t see that & understand that, you defiantly should stick to store purchased anything/everything.

  38. For me it’s the complete lack of regulator and pressure relief valve

  39. Never known anything different from this,so the other format confuses me as much as this one confuses you 😂

  40. Personally I prefer it because it sets month first which is good for categorizing. I can’t normally recall the day I did something but I can normally remember the month and narrow it down from there

  41. One of the worlds largest producers was sanctioned (to the black market) so the price of oil was high. The companies made profits.

  42. Oil prices aren’t the issue, it’s the lack of refineries that is. We have excess oil but not enough refineries to make gasoline. This was a problem before Russia as many shut down during Covid and never came back online

  43. 2008 $180 barrel $4 at the pump. 2022 $115 a barrel $5 at the pump. That is cause for punishment :27189:

  44. Right now the problem isn’t oil, it’s a lack of refineries. We can’t make enough fuel fast enough as a lot of them shut down during covid

  45. Can’t be solder thought right? Or it’d reflow and the blade would fall off.

  46. Some solders won’t be melted by a soldering iron. Like I know some silver solders basically need a torch to melt

  47. Your brother is complicit in killing how many puppies??? Rescues would've taken them, too.

  48. It’s honestly more human to put them out of their misery, those dogs will be in pain for the rest of their lives

  49. A surprisingly huge percentage of food banks, orphanages, and soup kitchens are run by churches

  50. And then those very same people will vote for and fully support legislators who run on campaigns based on hate and fear. I don’t understand.

  51. Not really. That’s evangelicals you’re thinking of. Regular Christians have a pretty wide political range they support.

  52. She’s just trying to lift it enough to scoot the hand truck out, not move it entirely. I think she stopped because she realized she couldn’t move the truck out if she was lifting it or that when she did she couldn’t put it down without it catching her fingers/dropping it the last few inches and what she moved was enough to flip the truck back up

  53. Probably but damn bitch get some help with that, maybe instead of filming call a friend idk 🤷‍♀️

  54. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t try the same shit here. Half my injuries have been from trying to do a 2 person job alone because I’m impatient. I would absolutely do this lol

  55. He lost a bet at the range and had to get lunch for everyone dressed like this...

  56. It’s a running gag at my friends range. They have little competitions with each other and loser gets lunch with 3 hi-points strapped to one hip

  57. A few millisieverts an hour is not that radioactive. It would be unsafe to sleep next to it and it will just slowly increase your risk of cancer over time but a single exposure won't do much.

  58. I think the problem with the Brazil one is they opened the capsule up and the radioactive material was basically a powder. Radiation is much worse when it is inside us and that powder was in the air a spread far

  59. Definitely, this wouldn’t drive for long before things start breaking

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