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  1. Ivette not throwing the final HOH to Janelle was dumb. I know that realistically speaking, the idea of throwing the final HOH seems crazy, however if Ivette thrown the HOH to Janelle, she would’ve evicted Maggie, and Ivette likely wins, as she would’ve beat Janelle either 4-3 or 5-2

  2. My problem is what do you consider “back to basics?” 16, 18, or 20 person cast? Tribe swaps or no tribe swaps? Final 2 or final 3? Past votes tiebreaker or no past votes tiebreaker? Firemaking tiebreaker at 4 (in the pre HHH sense) or a rock draw tiebreaker at 4? It feels very pick and choosy and the answers have been different based on everyone I’ve asked, so at that point it becomes less “back to basics” and more “back to basics except for the parts of modern survivor I like we can keep those.”

  3. Whenever I see anyone refer to a “back to basic” season, the usually refer to the Borneo-Palau era of Survivor

  4. Yeah, but those are all totally different seasons with different rules for different situations. Palau and Vanuatu have double tribals. Half of these seasons have tribe swaps and half don’t. One is a three tribe season. One did a delayed merge. One gave eliminated players the chance to return, and allowed players to mutiny on their current tribes. One did a schoolyard pick that eliminated two players on day two. Palau has firemaking be the tiebreaker in a F4 tie and Marquesas has a rock draw. Africa had a “quiz on African survival facts” as a tiebreaker. The only things all of those seasons have in common are no idols and a jury of 7 with a final two.

  5. That’s the fandom for you. Makes absolutely 0 fucking sense

  6. Just because someone is in a heterosexual relationship does not mean that they are automatically heterosexual

  7. I would probably say either Fairytale or Euphoria would end up winning

  8. Norway 2012 Germany 2016 Germany 2022 Germany 2023

  9. I recommend going on soap2day, however you should probably get an adblocker before going on it

  10. Usually when I’m walking late at night, things are usually alright, but I would just be cautious just in case

  11. love this!! have you done this for earlier seasons?

  12. Thanks for the love, I’ve done it for every single US season except Caramoan (which I’m currently in the process of being done)

  13. I literally just realized that I accidentally put Jamie as Danny’s jury vote. My apologies, he actually voted Heidi

  14. When Cascada joined Eurovision for Germany 2013, accusations arose of it plagiarizing Euphoria from the previous year

  15. Right now I’m at a 2, but sometimes it can get to a 5

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