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  1. That entrance totally captured the over the top spectacle of classic Lucha Libre in the best ways possible.

  2. That is the best new entrance music in any promotion in YEARS.

  3. Yeah wtf? I legitimately fell in an hole and twisted my ankle in 2013 and it still fuck hurts when I run.

  4. Ugh. I only had my ankle sprain three months ago and I’m in denial about how many years of discomfort lay ahead.

  5. Dom leading a reformed LWO with LDF, Angel Garza, and Humberto Carillo would definitely cause some ripples as a huge faction that covered both brands.

  6. The irony of that sub being touted as the non-drama alternative to this one is really something.

  7. I used to work at the stop and shop over there. All the super rich celebrities have houses that way. Also the best burger on long island.

  8. Yeah they do, but you gotta go to the Tabys section like 10 minutes away from the main entrance. It's a whole thing.

  9. Is that the same Taby’s that used to have a few locations? Loved that place when I was a kid!

  10. The Demon going purple is giving me Undertaker going purple vibes.

  11. Gulak has set himself up to have a WWE job for life, the kind where Vince is going to make any buyer promise to take care of him.

  12. Just like Curtis Axel, who was the previous guy WWE sent returning legends to train with?

  13. For all we know he could have been one, too. Doesn’t mean he wanted to take the gig permanently.

  14. I read this too fast and thought it said DDP tweeted about Yoshiko and nothing in the world made sense after that.

  15. If we lick the TV hard enough, we’ll be able to taste the augmented reality Mountain Dew!

  16. I’m other news, Jeff Jarrett knows where his bread is currently buttered.

  17. As someone who recently lost a brother to suicide, I’d like to remind everyone on here that those stupid Tim White segments can be extremely triggering.

  18. I thought this was obvious on Monday after the segment where Ludwig (they dropped the last name) was shaving Gunther's back. The worst part was when Theory walked in, took a selfie, and said "It looks like german men are as hairy as their women".

  19. As someone who never watches RAW anymore and only keeps up on things through clips and podcasts…

  20. I’m really torn here between being super blown away by the athleticism and sincere wish that they’d slow down to register and sell more in between spots. It helps that they both collapsed from exhaustion and they’re both great at this style, but it’s hard to sustain for too long and the longer it goes the more it pushes the boundaries of believability.

  21. Dolph will go down in history as a guy who was so good at losing he’d be wasted as a winner.

  22. He’s sold everything like death while trying to be a main eventer. I think that has been his biggest impediment to being seen as a dominant guy.

  23. Cody is an effective move spammer. Probably played a bunch of WWE games online to hone that skill.

  24. Since it’s redundant to say how great this promo is, I’d like to point out that in a few frames you can see what Heyman would look like with a completely shaved head, and it would totally work for him. He has a little bit of a Kingpin look with no hair.

  25. Man, now I kinda wish he blacked his eyes out like that for his JD run. That looked completely badass and gave him a completely different vibe.

  26. I’m not sure if she doesn’t already, but if Ivy doesn’t have a move called the NileDriver she’s really missing out on some easy branding opportunities.

  27. When you got Vinces wealth, that's basically the equivalent of buying someone a streak dinner at an okish restaurant....

  28. I dunno. If I’m paying okish money for dinner I expect that some random dude will NOT run naked past my table.

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