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Family completed the 42,000 piece puzzle...!!!

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  1. Guys, I’m a returning player with my buddy and everything is overwhelming af. Any guidance on getting up and going again?

  2. Iirc bounties from seasonal vendors go away, so don't hoard star chart bounties.

  3. wait i know you have to claim them, but do you have to decrypt them as well? thought we could hold onto them

  4. You don't have to decrypt them, just claim them from the vendors

  5. Synth, but I probably won't get the survey

  6. Me giving up on scallywag seal even though im rank 14 and only need the large beacon

  7. The beacons are easy. Just follow the clues, or look up a guide.

  8. I'm currently working on a 40320 Disney puzzle where it's divided in 10 (old) movies, so yeah I think it's split up in a couple of sections here too (but more subtle)

  9. I've seen that one in person. Even separate puzzle is still huge!

  10. Then go for double rep vanguard weeks and do nightfalls. Same concept, all PvE, and still super good use of time for the rewards you get. Or if you can do grandmaster's do double loot week and go for that.

  11. Oh yeah, I always rock nightfalls on double rep week.

  12. Just to be clear double rewards and double ranks are different things. That's why I mentioned doing GMs on double rewards and hero on double xp.

  13. Rednecks, getting drunk and driving around shooting signs sounds like fun!

  14. I was rarely over 1 before this season. Now that I'm playing with people my level it's always over 1

  15. I'm fairly certain that a clown + explosive light legendary rocket launcher does not do higher DPS than Gally unless it has wolfpack rounds.

  16. Vault of Glass, and Garden of Salvation Raids.

  17. That 80 percent increase on airborne effectiveness for Whisper will make trick shotting raid bosses much easier now

  18. They specifically say they didn't want div to be the one stop debuff/crit tool.

  19. I see where you are coming from... Do you feel that will stay the same in master raids boss encounters, even when there are no overloads in the encounter? Or will the dps needs be to high?

  20. Just delete twitter, it's always been bad and now it's way worse

  21. That fuckin sucked since they were randomized. You get 39 of them, and then you have 1 in 40 chance of the last one being the one you needed.

  22. Took me a second to get the joke. Fine work. I'm in the first group. Granted it was easier to increase my crucible rank when every match ended early with my ass handed to me but I do like being able to win from time to time now.

  23. Before SBMM I've often had the thought of, "Do I rush to death over and over, or actually try?" because I just want the match over asap and I'm getting my ass handed to me anyway.

  24. ITT people who can't admit their not capable of competing with players in their own skill group. I genuinely do not comprehend how you can argue against SBMM. Would you wanna play competitive sports against pro athletes? How about against toddlers? Probably not yet youre all okay playing against blueberries and stomping them. Lack of SBMM literally defeats the entire purpose of PvP game modes.

  25. I totally want to compete with players in my own skill group.

  26. Police said in the Oregonian article that psilocybin sales is a licensing issue through OHA, per measure 109.

  27. Oh, well then that should be fine as long as the feds don't get involved.

  28. Good luck making it out of the building if you have a mob of people outside livid at what you've done.

  29. Yeah right, that won't make the store's problems a thousand times worse!

  30. I completely understand your frustration. In my defense I was a 2.5kd player because I’ve spent years playing FPS pvp games which includes D1 and every year of D2.

  31. I mean, if you enjoy running off meta, then just do that and let your kda drop and you'll eventually equalize into games where you don't get absolutely wrecked for it.

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