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  1. You will highly unlikely have a medical professional “front” a IMO/DBQ/letter for “hopeful back pay.” They are fee-for-service. Most you pay up front before they do anything, so you agree to pay, then pay, then they do the documents. I’m not the authority, but it’s my guess that going to outside the US to any medical professional for IMOs wouldn’t be prudent, unless you somehow found out from the VA itself, maybe ask if your VSO could inquire for you. That’s what I would do. Or do a virtual VERA appt and ask a rep there.

  2. Waited 32 years before I filed, I didn't think I deserved anything. Friends/family that work at the VA finally talked me into it...that was 3 weeks ago yesterday. My journey has just begun.

  3. USAF 1987 - 1990 After I heard about VA service connection in 2015, I submitted a claim without any knowledge of what to do or expect. I did no follow-up, and I lost the ability to retain that date as my original claim. I figured I didn't deserve benefits. I went to VA hospital in Az because of the pain in my back was just crazy... I did another claim once again with the same knowledge as before (0) and got the same result. What's that called again? Oh yeah, STUPID!!! I gave up on the claim until Covid hit and I became homeless in Az. I reached out to my daughter in Cali and she told me to call 211. I did, they asked me if I was a vet, they got me in contact with the VA Long Beach, Ca. I made my way to Cali. They got me connected with Battle Brothers who got me into a hotel room for a few weeks. From there I got into the VA shelter in Long Beach on Dec 24, 2020. They got me connected with HUD VASH who got me into an apartment Feb 2021. So Blessed there. I went to the VA hospital, and a beautiful nurse there asked me if I was service connected. I told her, "Nope, not really sure what it is." She learned that I got out in 1990 and was like, you should be service connected for your injuries received while serving. She gave me the phone# of my VSO, and I got my claim submitted properly in June 2021 where I received my first service connection Sept 2021 - 50%. Feb 2022 - 70%. Jul 2022 90%. I am currently awaiting a hearing for an appeal... I also asked my VSO to submit a tdiu claim since I cannot work... will see what happens. I found this site here to be a great place for people like me who didn't have any hope or understanding. There is so much knowledge and assistance here. This is a great place to pay it forward along with outside opportunities. I have been able to help several vets get started in their journey to relief from whatever ailments they maybe having. Even if it's just enough to get them mentally free from wondering what tomorrow holds. They have a light at the end of tunnel like I do. Thank you and Gob Bless all of those who have served and gave unconditionally. You deserve to be compensated and to have the ability to rest your mind. Sorry for the long ass

  4. I firmly believe and attest that if we have legitimate claims, not only can we get them granted, we will get them granted. I hate to say “win” our claims, because no veteran should “lose.” We get granted or denied and if we are denied, there are reasons, and we can counter with appeals. Some do indeed have to fight harder and longer than others, and contrary to some of the 100% P&T YouTubers, at times, we need help, and probably not from them. Can we do it “all ourselves?” Sure, but you don’t have to. Some of us have had success stories of how and from whom we’ve received help. We might have to invest some money, while, again, some folks will say, “You don’t ‘have’ to spend money on your claims.” Okay, whatever. I say, if you believe you should be granted compensation for a disability, then legally do whatever it takes to get your claim “granted,” or to “win,” however you want to put it, . I know I have and will continue.

  5. “For a higher evaluation of 100%…due to such symptoms as…” So, no you don’t have to have ALL, but your evidence of impairment has to show “Total,” and that is ‘mostly’ weighed by that “Total Box” being checked by the C&P Examiner. Raters have discretion, but they won’t grant 100% devoid of 2-3 of those symptoms checked.

  6. Everyone has to educate. Starting here was a good step. If you are the type person that loves information and wants to be involved in every single move in the process, Google your specific questions, ask specific questions here, type in topics like “How to file a VA disability claim” in YouTube search, etc. You’ll get some great information, BUT these resources help YOU develop and file your claim. If you choose a VSO, even a VSO does not do all the work. Some vets mistakenly think a VSO or “someone at the VA” or whatever is going to help them file their claims so they can “win” them, and while it is partially true, all of us have to work like hell. So, just be prepared to work at it. Prepare for frustration, confusion, misunderstanding, delays, and mistakes, among other unpleasant experiences…BUT…when it’s all said and done and you get granted your first 10%, 30%, 60%, 100%, you’ll rejoice and be very happy. Best wishes!

  7. Where’s the money coming from? If we say from taxing rich people more, then rich business owners will just sell their companies to China, move them out of the US for cheaper labor, or reduce their employee base or reduce benefits or reduce hours. The middle to lower class becomes more dependent on government which is the scheme. Servitude in exchange for goodies and “forgiveness.” And those asswipes just keep spending and spending. So if you keep raising your credit limit to $3000, $5000, 10000, $15000, is that a good thing? So, does your debt limit mean you “have more money” or have more spending power? Someone explain how going further into debt as a nation is a good thing. Please.

  8. She offered one, but I said, “Doc, I heard smoking can aggravate ED.”

  9. Lol...I love yall man ...I am 40% right now because I learned so much on here but my journey is not over..

  10. Congrats on 40%! I was 10%, then 70%, now 80%. One appeal and three other claims that are currently working should get me to where I should be, and yes, that would be 100% P&T. Hang in here with us. We’ll celebrate together.

  11. I withdrew mine when I realized that I should be 100% P&T without it, so my choice was not based on being gainfully employed. Put it this way, if you shouldn’t qualify for TDIU, you probably shouldn’t have a claim for it. If you get it, the next time your taxes are checks, you’ll have to go through income verification and could lose your TDIU anyway. Plus, you’re supposed to report it beforehand. The VA gives veterans an opportunity to be honest and verify income, so it can remove the TDIU grant.

  12. Yes, and an IMO. But they need to know what they’re doing. All the blanks and boxes must be accurate or it might be properly considered.

  13. You need to be sure you have the event, stressor, injury, onset from service, and have a diagnosis. If you don’t have a diagnosis, sometimes, the VBA will not send you to a C&P Exam. Don’t rush your claim not you need to go to private docs first and establish treatment and make sure you have your diagnoses, this would be helpful. You CAN get diagnosed during the C&P Exams, but vets cannot rely on those exams alone to diagnose. If you just file claims and have nothing but your claimed conditions you could get denied for lack of evidence on your part. Just remember that it’s not the VBA’s job to “look deep enough,” rather our job to provide enough evidence to initiate the exams, tests, etc. The VBA has a “Duty to Assist,” but not a “Duty to Dig.”

  14. It’s not a ruse. This is conspiracy. It’s your choice to file for an increase or not. VA has never had enough resources to process all claims and get all C&P Exams done in a timely fashion. The govt has to farm out exams. There’s a shit ton of vets to be evaluated and processed. Also, not too many docs, particularly specialists wanna work for the VA. Where in the world do you get that this comes from a Republican congress?

  15. I needed some help with figuring out claim increases and how to get things connected to service I have absolutely no clue on VA benefits and I’ve been trying to learn it but I’m just going in circles trying to figure it out im getting buddy statements to link my ptsd from a few army buddies who went through the same accident I’m frustrated that my body is just messed up man so I guess it was a bit of venting in that I haven’t really talked about how I’ve been feeling for three years so talking about it it’s like it happened yesterday for me thank you for understanding in your response I appreciate it a lot

  16. As ramjam said, post redacted denial letters and we can opine. Otherwise, we’re just reading your vents, which is fine, but won’t elicit any real suggestions. Regardless, we hope the best the best for you. Help us help you.

  17. VBA used the sleep study done by the VAMC near me. No additional sleep study when C&P Exam was ordered. But they did do 5 MOs after the shitty 3 minute Optum C&P Exam done by a NP of geriatrics and women’s health. I’m a 54 year old male.

  18. It’s not changed yet, but the VA started shafting vets after the proposal came out. There’s not convincing me that’s there has been some sort of internal brief/memo/backroom talk about reducing these grants. Vets getting denied right and left.

  19. Yes. The VA supports wood-working. My VHA PCP noted, “Veteran states he is unable to satisfy his wife due to his inability to get or keep an erection and if so, there are no fireworks. Increase Sildenafil from 25mg to 50mg).”

  20. Spendocrats. Taxocrats. Debtocrats. In reality, both parties are shit. I’m independent and lean libertarian.

  21. A true Libertarian wouldn’t use ANY publicly-funded services or infrastructure, as they believe in no taxes and small government.

  22. 30% based on impairment. Regardless of what people say, those impairment choices directly correlate to the percentages on the 38 CFR Part 4. The RVSRs go by level of impairment for rating purposes.

  23. 20% of retro pay for any amount of months to have claims granted that I otherwise might not be able to be granted is worth it. I’m utilizing a professional (accredited agent) that I have entrusted based on vetting the service, so I will have my very first taste at utilizing a paid service and if “we” succeed, you bet I will be referring this service left and right.

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