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  1. He's this generation's John Major, only with less credibility due to his love of Brexit and the fact that he was happy to support Johnson when it suited him. He's a weak leader, an unconvincing speaker and has no connection with the electorate. He's only there because he's innoffensive enough to the various Tory factions and just about holding together a party who are threatening open warfare.

  2. I do not believe history will be as kind to Sunak as it is to John Major.

  3. I do not believe the US would stand idle were there any genuine threat of Vucic invading Kosovo in the near future.

  4. I thought global superpowers interfering with and supporting breakaway regions of sovereign countries was supposed to be a bad thing? Did that change?

  5. An incredibly frustrating article that reliably refuses to state what she understands by "active state".

  6. There is little reason to believe that advances in renewable energy technology would invalidate the utility of nuclear power within 20 years.

  7. Scotlands a small country , one nuclear accident is all it would take to fuck up huge tracts of land.

  8. Do you understand that the likelihood of such an accident would be extremely low?

  9. Are Sunak's loyal supporters centrists now? This is a cabinet with Braverman in it...

  10. Braverman often appears to be at odds with Sunak. She appears to have been appointed to the cabinet mainly for the purpose of political accomodation. Sunak's own leanings are more moderate by the standards of the present-day conservative party, though I would hesitate to call him a centrist.

  11. Step 1 - make vapes a licensed product, much like Tobacco or Alcohol

  12. Sir Keir Starmer has been warned he risks alienating core Labour voters who could stay home and not vote if he turns his back on socialism ahead of the general election.

  13. This is a policy with wide-reaching implications for UK politics, were Labour to find the courage to overcome resistance and implement it.

  14. When considering the lack of clarity with regards to Labour ideology and policies I confess I am surprised at the high figure for "Yes" in this survey.

  15. It appears to me that Labour have been careful to frame the specific details of their statements on immigration so as to target flawed policies that drive immigration rather than immigrants themselves.

  16. Don't worry, give it a fortnight and we'll have it so all UK worker wages should be slashed by 30% to help the FTSE100, and that all ministers will be allowed to lobby for whoever they want when they leave office.

  17. As to that, I am doubtful, and I believe you hold similar sentiments, despite your anger. The policy announcement regarding lobbying should be welcomed, albeit with caution.

  18. With labour's purge/silencing of anyone who isn't centre right/pro-brexit/against immigration, the only way to get more left wing/progressive voices in Westminster is to vote for the SNP. If you're a unionist you can also safely vote for them too, given it doesn't really matter who Scotland vote for from a constitutional point of view.

  19. Weird this article doesn't mention them seeing the current genocide and apartheid that reputable human rights organizations like Amnesty International say is currently ongoing. Wonder why.

  20. Merely on the basis of recent announcements regarding the wage gap between domestic and immigrant workers and the prohibition of former ministers from employment within the lobbying industry, it would not be fair to describe the Labour party and the Conservatives as "two sides of the same coin".

  21. It is difficult to contemplate the sheer number of genuinely disabled people who may fall under that 90%.

  22. Could this not be resolved through restrictions on caffeine levels as opposed to a blanket ban based on age?

  23. A plea that is likely to fall on deaf ears, considering the nature and backgrounds of many prominent Hollywood shareholders.

  24. I have always viewed the James Bond franchise as closer to a long-running television series than a film series, with its common formula and episodic nature.

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