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  1. The glyphs are collected from traveller grave sites, upon entering a space station any economy you'll have the chance of a traveller spawning there, there will be only one per station and they will stand out as they have a white glow around them, upon interacting with them follow the instructions and then interact with them for a 2nd time and ask them 'where did you come from' for some nanites and this give a location of a grave site.

  2. This is great! Do I need to be playing multiplayer for this to happen?

  3. Feeder ‘just the way I’m feeling’ fades out. Ricky introduces the show in a mock DJ, stumbles half way through and him and Steve makes a wry observation about a certain type of lingo only DJs use.

  4. This is what I was looking for. A proper producer. Tell me: do you work Saturdays? How's 80 quid and a half bottle of Guinness sound?

  5. Creative writing. Whatever intelligence it may have, it is the fact of a human laying out experiences into a story that is essential to it having any worth to us. Sure, an AI could definitely write a compelling plot and intrigue audiences, but those seeking true wisdom from reading will always turn to books written by real human beings suffering real human conditions and emotions. It's the element of the human experience that the AI could never be able to replicate.

  6. It says Direct messaging is disabled by the way.

  7. How in the name of all that is holy did you forget to add the horse in the house?!

  8. Very well said! I sure hope the hate and shit posting regarding Ricky is either hyperbole or an act, because After Life was actually good at certain times.

  9. "I genuinely never thought I'd find a group I would fit into as much as this group. "

  10. Lmao. We're all here because our hero is a bald manc, fat twat with a beard, and a gangly big eyed thing. Let's be honest: we're not the brightest blokes

  11. You’ll always have a saucer of milk and a frisbee full of Maltesers waiting for you in this sub.

  12. After what I saw of that fashion show last week, nobody has any authority to tell people what to wear anymore

  13. New TV show idea... Karl visits different fashion shows around the world. I bet that would tax his little bald head to breaking point

  14. They can't wait for you to finish in order to say something, often interrupting you as you speak. They don't want to listen and don't even try.

  15. I've been guilty of this on and off. The Art of active listening isn't easy and takes mental strength as much as it takes humility. Even though I agree with you that it could be due to idiocy, be patient with your listener or try another approach to what you're saying. Maybe they can't sit still for too long listening, maybe you need to speak in briefer chunks to avoid losing their attention span. Work with your listener instead of despite them.

  16. It always baffles me why my husband constantly interrupts, but this probably boils down to the way his family speaks to one another. Scrambling over every one to have their say.

  17. That's a really good point about nurture: I grew up in a "hostile" environment in the sense that everyone tried to speak louder than the other. Honestly for the most part it wasn't because we're bad people but it's part of the culture. Took me a long time to control that impulse and even then I still fall prey to interrupting. My wife and I use the light bulb method where we both have LEDs in our hands, whenever one of us has something to say we turn it on to inform the speaker we want to talk. Kind of like a student raising their hand to speak

  18. Let's be honest, it was a shoddy show from the start. In the words of the great dr Froggy Fox, "it was painful"

  19. Didn't even know about the subreddit. Thank you!

  20. Also did Karl genuinely believe the monkey news he read out?

  21. Honestly ..I wouldn't put it past him. He seemed adamant and that's not a rockbuster clue

  22. My theory is that every single monkey news was emailed in by the same few people thats why its all bollocks

  23. I think The Last of Us works because it actually works better as a movie/series than a game. Honestly, the gameplay is the worst part of that game.

  24. I remember the gaming reviewer Yahtzee call it the ghost train genre. As much as I love that kind of gameplay he does a brilliant job explaining the format.

  25. Not enough time as far as I'm concerned. It's like asking how many times have you hung out with your friends. I remember the night before my wedding after all the preparations and supposed ruckus of parties to celebrate, I just laid in my bed and put on a random episode. Listening to those three morons talk twaddle and laugh felt like I got to share the penultimate night of my marriage with my three best mates.

  26. Grammarly ads on YouTube. 100% of the people I've met agree that it's shit.

  27. Oh dear... We've lost a good one to the AIs, folks. Take them away!

  28. Everybody: Looks like Napoli has this one in the bag, 12 point lead and everybody below them looks bad or is inconsistent

  29. As an arsenal fan, I completely empathize with that sentiment. I'm still thinking:"just get top 4"

  30. This is going to sound slightly morbid but I'd prefer if there was a raging intergalactic battle and my wife and I are just about to descend into enemy territory. We both give each other one final kiss before we journey deep into the bouquets bowels of ET territory

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