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  1. So you laughed out loud out loud? Must have been a pretty loud laugh

  2. The icing on the cake is other people getting triggered over Chris Evans’ tweet. A lot of people saying Steve Rogers is Captain America and Sam isn’t. You should see the replies to his tweet, they are pretty bad.

  3. Lol, the presidential campaign is further along and starlight is officially in the boys, bout all that's different. I guess Homelander lasered a mofo in public

  4. Let's not forget Ryan's with HL now and he seemed to be enjoying the attention

  5. I could have sworn it was already supposed to come out by now

  6. No, it was just announced last November. There is no release date for the show yet

  7. Do you recall what he says then? Love to know these details

  8. He says two words that both mean “traitor friend/not a good friend” then he says “You’re lucky it wasn’t my ex girlfriend. If it was, I would’ve-“ then he gets cut off.

  9. Oh damn, wouldn't wanna get on Ranjit's badside. Thank you for the translation!

  10. I know it won't change. But it's my opninion that the previous one, fit the game better for me.

  11. Doesn’t mean people constantly have to bitch about it. It’s been two years for fucks sake

  12. Endgame looked terrible. It's jarring watch those movies back to back cause you notice how much better Thanos looked in IW.

  13. I don’t remember a scene where thanos looked bad in endgame. Hulk could have easily looked unnatural, but I never felt like he was a CGI character.

  14. They kissed and Barney got thrown out after trying to push further by copping a feel

  15. Until now I thought the did it once, but he got thrown out when he was going for a second round -_-

  16. The Lotus suit’s special ability is committing hate crimes

  17. Peter's actor sent some racist and homophobic messages around 5 years ago, and Gavin (the director) didn't pay the vfx and storyboard team even though he got 100000$ in kickstart.

  18. First movie was him bein iron man's apprentice and 2nd was him in iron man's shadow. Luckily the 3rd focused on allll the spideys haha

  19. None of the things you said showed any proof that he’s a side character in his movies.

  20. A few weeks before the show premiered the ending was supposedly leaked. The supposed leaked ending would create numerous contradictions to canon.

  21. I wouldn't use bounding into comics as a source. They have as much credibility as We Got This Covered has which isn't a lot.

  22. They'll just use the guy who does him in all the recent video games [i'm blanking on his name], he sounds close enough

  23. Matt Sloan is his name. Yeah he’s a fantastic Vader. Nowhere near as good James Earls Jones, but still a good replacement if it ever comes to that.

  24. At the "hey there!" I immediately knew it was Seth

  25. It’s actually Zach Braff voicing him. I thought he sounded a lot like Seth Rogen too, but then his name wasn’t in the credits when I checked

  26. Tom and Jerry, 39 Episode - Polka-Dot Puss (1949)

  27. This video you linked sent me down a rabbit hole of watching several Tom and Jerry episodes. Thank you.

  28. Okay. So, Spider-Wars was like a precursor to Spider-verse? Cool.

  29. Kinda yeah. It was similar to other spider-verse stories we have seen, it just wasn’t called spider-verse back then

  30. Okay. You learn something new every day. Do you know where I can stream this show? I kinda want to watch it now.

  31. You can watch it on Disney plus. It’s just called Spider-Man

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